Friday, October 3, 2014



Hodge podge hoodie, diy hoodie, repurposed hood, repurposed tank, repurposed pants

I've been
patiently and excitedly,
 to share this!

I got a fun opportunity back in December ('13)
 to do a friend fix for this young lady.
I've mentioned it briefly here
but wasn't sure when/if I'd get to share.
It seemed as though different circumstances delayed it
BUT in reality it was all in God's timing.

I'll explain shortly...

I've done a few redo's for her in the past so it wasn't anything new,
except this time she approached me with a different type of redo.
 She asked me to do something I hadn't done or even considered
AND dared to believe ((I)) could do it! hahaha

Well it was more like,
"Miss Amanda, do you think you could help me with something? 
I have an idea of what I want, I'm pretty sure it's doable, 
I just don't know HOW to do it, you'll figure it out."
Then proceeded to explain that she wanted a hoodie made,
a very specific hoodie.

I give her FULL credit for thinking outside the box,
being resourceful and choosing to repurpose!