Tuesday, December 30, 2014




I pray your Christmas was wonderful.
>I'll get to December's festivities, Christmas photos
and the overall feel for this year's Holy day, soon.<

Today's post, of at least a few;
has been on hold for a good while.
Since the year is about to end,
I thought this as good a time as any.

It's sort of an intro for what's coming in the near future.
It's not a redo or as light-hearted as my typical posts 
 but necessary for me to put out there
and possibly something, someone needs to hear/read.

FYI, this is a long read.
marriage, life, faith, lessons

Saturday, December 6, 2014

BEST OF 2013/14~ 4 YEARS!


Did you all get turkey coma's?
As for me it was more like a:
 turkey, mashed potato, gravy, corn, dinner roll,
yummy pasta dish, SUPER yummy sweet kale salad,
pumpkin pie, pumpkin cheesecake, coffee....COMA.

How do I move on from there?!
No I'm serious,
I'm trying to get back to normal eating.
Any tips? haha


I'll just say this year, Dec 2013-Nov 2014,
has been pretty amazing in so many ways.
I've felt so many joys, made lots of memories
and experienced new inspiration.
It's also been challenging and tiresome,
but thankfully, it has enabled change.

A quick recap:
We got to take Christmas family photos,
 had the baby in early 2014,
continued our family tradition with him, 
celebrated my daughter's 8th bday,
found that doing taxes with a newborn was super challenging 
and dreaded it more than usual hahaha,
bucked up and pumped for 6 months,
celebrated my older son's 11th bday,
REALLY worked on taking off the baby weight,
fully enjoyed the kid's summer,
helped with 2 friend fixes here and here
and then slowed down greatly due to/for these family changes.
Lastly, which is on its way,
a push to speak on marriage.

For now here is the Best Of 2013/2014

FYI- there are a few months where I only posted 1x,
so those are the posts I listed.

Check it out below,
click on the month to get the full post.