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2nd Trimester!
2nd trimester
original Dress The Bump
1st Trimester
3rd Trimester
Prego tips

1. I post to document my own growing belly.
2.  Avoid the frumpiness/sloppiness
 that we can fall into.
3. Share low cost outfits/clothing ideas
using maternity and non maternity wear.

NEW for round 2:
1. Individual clothing item will be displayed for better look.
(click any photo for close up)
2. Maternity update and/or personal tidbit
3. Item linked if available or similar.
Like= exact item, possibly different seller
Similar= almost like it
That little bonus is just a source of help/info for you,
not to promote any sellers.

4. Post will be divided into 3 segments
and by trimester.

I'll share as often as possible, right here within the post 
and newest outfit at the bottom.
(Click "Dress the Bump"on side bar for easy access.)

*For reference I am 5'1", size 8 shoe*

Some of the pics aren't loading as before
just click on the tiny green


Sunday 1.8.17 (14 weeks)
This was the last day of my kid's Christmas break,
it nice to have them home a little longer than normal.
Although, it also rained a lot which limited what we did.

Oatmeal Cardigan(Faded Glory)- (old)Walmart similar
Green blouse(Merona)- Thrifted Target like
Peacock scarf- (old) Thrifted
Maternity Jeans(Tru Blue)- (old, clearanced, waistband redo) JcPenney
Winter boots(Pack Noelle)- (1/2 off sale during Dec.)Target like


Monday 1.9.17 (14+ weeks)
This is the day I started working out with Glow Body PT You Tube videos!
Prior to pregnancy I'd been using the 21 Day Fix dvd's 
but was finding myself bored with them (used them for about 3 years)
Then pregnancy put me out for weeks.
 Even though I fought to workout, it wasn't as consistent as I'd like.
I just felt miserable, being bored didn't help
 and ultimately they weren't going to be prego friendly.
I then purchased a maternity dvd. To my dismay, was so cheesy and unbelievably easy,
 I gave it up after a week or so.
No offense to instructor, I guess I should have suspected since it was at least 10 years old.
It was more aerobics than anything and I totally felt silly doing the moves lol
Then it hit me, You Tube is a great source of FREE material,
WHY didn't I just check there?!
I LOVE the videos, they are prego specific, challenging,
customizable and keep me engaged.
I do a combination of videos 4 days a week and usually 30 min.
I've since used a few others as well but I'll share more about them all later.

Blouse(Pink Rose)- Marshall's
Jeans(Bongo)- (old) Thrifted
Leather moto boots (Steve Madden)-Amazon  (under $100@Xmas time) like


Wednesday 1.11.17 (14+ weeks)
We continued to have rain on and off.
Winter boots were the thing I was wearing the most.

Khaki V-neck shirt(Sonoma)- Kohl's like
Grey chambray(Old Navy)- Thrifted like
Black & White plaid scarf-  Thrifted
Maternity jeans (Liz Lange)- Target, (old) Thrifted
Winter boots(Pack Noelle)- (1/2 off sale during Dec.) Target like


Friday 1.13.17 (14+ weeks)
Today was a tad warmer so I thought I'd chance it with a short sleeve outfit.
*tip* I purposely tightened the vest waist to reveal the belly.
Leaving it loose created a much bigger appearance
and we all want the most flattering silhouette.

Black V-neck shirt(Sonoma)- Kohl's like
Olive canvas vest (Sebby)- Sam's Club like like
Maternity jeans (Liz Lange)- Target, (old) Thrifted
Booties(Mossimo)- Target, (old) Thrifted  like


Monday 1.16.17 (15+ weeks)
This was the last day I wore these pants.
As comfy as they were, they just weren't as flattering on my wider hips.
It's hard to tell as the cardi did a great job of masking it.
I had thrifted these maternity pants in 2013 for that pregnancy,
loved the price but settled for a poor fit.
After wearing them this last time I realized,
I'd better donate them or I'd be tempted to wear them again.

Striped sleeveless button up(Loft)- Thrifted similar
Navy cardigan (Merona)- Target similar
Maternity olive skinnies(?)- Thrifted similar
Leather moto boots (Steve Madden)-Amazon  (under $100@Xmas time) like


Tuesday 1.17.17 (15+ weeks)
I love the rain, really I do but I was just sick of it at this point.
Everything was soggy and muddy too.
So I chose colors a little bolder to make me happy
but toned them down with some neutrals.

Tangerine sleeveless blouse (a.n.a.)- Thrifted
Oatmeal Cardigan (Faded Glory)- (old)Walmart similar
Maternity cords (Liz Lange)- Target, (old)Thrifted
Leopard print infinity scarf (Old Navy)- Old Navy, gift
Leather moto boots (Steve Madden)-Amazon  (under $100@Xmas time) like


Tuesday 1.18.17 (15+ weeks)
You guessed it, more rain.
Might as well make the best of it and wear these cute and comfy boots!
I thrifted them months before for the snow/rain up in Nevada.
When I don't use them there, I get to use them here!
Have I mentioned that its been 2 years and 5 months since hubby
split his work week between CA & NV?
It was a really tough transition early on with an infant and 2 kiddos
but the Lord provided the strength for it.
I know other's have it much worse.
So we keep at it until the Lord says otherwise.
Black Cardigan (Faded Glory)- (old)Walmart similar
Retro flowered blouse (?)- Thrifted
Maternity jeans (Liz Lange)- Target, (old) Thrifted
Women's Crocband Winter Boot- (Crocs)- Thrifted similar


Tuesday 1.19.17 (15+ weeks)
I'm on a roll!
There's days when I get a workout in but not the shower
until later in the evening.
Days like those I'm honestly in my sweats/workout gear most of the day.
No need to show you that haha.
Or I get everything done and run out of light to photograph.
And we'll come across some photos where I really tried to get the shot 
but lighting wasn't as great.

This day I HAD to be fully dressed.
There was a PTA meeting I needed to be at,
homework and dinner to prepare,
an evening meeting to help plan a school event,
then rush over to take my son to youth
and.....go straight into a Godly parenting group I had just joined.
My Thursdays had become my most chaotic day!
So, this day I did NOT get a workout in lol

Oatmeal Cardigan(Faded Glory)- (old)Walmart similar
Ivory blouse (212 Collection)- Marshall's like
Green pashmina scarf(?)- Gift similar similar
Maternity Jeans(Tru Blue)- (old, clearanced, waistband redo) JcPenney
Winter boots(Pack Noelle)- (1/2 off sale during Dec.) Target like


Monday 1.23.17 (16 weeks 1d)
I had a Dr. appt. this day and everything was reported as well.
As I mentioned in my 1st trimester post, 
I had started belching non stop, soon after I became pregnant.
Except I had no idea that:
 1. I was prego
2. That belching was even a side effect.
It has eased a bit but I still belch consistently.
Better that side than the other lol
I'd also been struggling with severe exhaustion,
to the point that I felt heavily sedated right after eating breakfast.
Not a good thing when you have a toddler at home.
So after eliminating lots of different things learned I can not have oatmeal.
It was the worst!
I also can't have regular milk.
I can eat ice cream, yogurt, cheese, all dairy except milk- my silver lining!
 I can't have organic milk or almond milk either, 
the three caused varying degrees of achiness ALL day.
I then found Lactaid, what a blessing!
I love coconut milk but not in my cereal,
I reserve that for our smoothies.

Royal cardigan(Gap)- Thrifted
Ivory pleated blouse(Violet + Claire)- Marshall's similar
Maternity Jeans(Tru Blue)- (old, clearanced, waistband redo) JcPenney
Booties(Mossimo)- Target, (old) Thrifted  like

Tuesday 1.24.17 (16+ weeks)
I love thoughtful gifts!
My sis n law M.V. had been blessing me with different items
she'd see at a yard-sale or thrift shop.
This was one of those items :)
Some of you may might be offended by that,
or ward off thrifted/yard-saled items for fear of whatever 
or have no interest in it at all.
I LOVE stuff like that.
HELLO, my whole blog has been about thrifted items!
This blouse/shirt is beautiful, SOFT, feminine, comfy
and perfect for covering my belly.
The jeans I wore here are super soft and comfy too.
I ordered a few online at Walmart for a super cheap price
and love them except for a tad little "issue":
They tend to slide down a bit.
I'm not sure what it is as the elastic holds its shape.
But I've had to keep pulling them up

Olive canvas vest (Sebby)- Sam's Club like like
Flowered cowl blouse (Cherokee) Target, Thrifted (gift)
Maternity jeans (Oh!Mamma)- Walmart like
Ona scrunch ballet flats (Mossimo) Target like

Wednesday 1.25.17 (16+ weeks)
I had a birthday coupon for Chili's that was about to expire
so the kids and I went out for dinner this evening.
Wednesday's are also their early out days; in which we get to catch up 
on anything delayed/unfinished, and a perfect time to go. 

Denim button up (Bullhead Black CA Trading Co.)- Thrifted like like
Lilac blouse (Mossimo)- Target, Thrifted like
Maternity jeans (Oh!Mamma)- Walmart like
Booties(Mossimo)- Target, (old) Thrifted  like

Thursday 1.26.17 (16+ weeks)
My hair has been growing out nicely so I thought I'd try somewhat of a french braid.
I seem to have clumsy fingers when it comes to braids,
so unfortunately my daughter doesn't get braided hair more often lol
In this case I back-combed the front section,
used a tiny plastic band to tie it off and give me height, 
then distributed that center section between the 3 portions needed for a french braid.
It actually turned out ok.

Black puffer vest (Tangerine)- (gift) Sams club like like
Purple Cardigan (Old Navy)- Old Navy, (old) Thrifted
White long sleeve crew neck (Faded Glory)- Walmart like 
Maternity distressed jeans (Planet Motherhood)- Walmart similar
Grey leather booties, ankle part tucked in (Sonoma)- Kohl's, similar similar

Friday 1.27.17 (16+ weeks)
My kiddos had the day off due to a teacher training day which meant we/I could:
1. sleep in
2. work out a little later
3. be at our leisure
4. plan something fun!

After getting ourselves together and finishing off chores (kiddos do theirs Mon/Wed/Fri)
we went out to our local "cheap" theater at a smaller mall, 
aka Regal Cinema-  which plays current but about to go to or already on DVD movies,  
aka $3.99 a ticket fun!
We watched TROLLS and loved it.
SOMETIMES the movie we've gone to see has still been playing at Big Ticket locations
and we only had to pay a fraction by going to this location.

I am aware that it's cheaper to rent (if it's out),
stream through some service,
or purchase for constant viewing,
BUT we don't make it a habit of going to the movies anyway,
so for us, it really is a treat!
I even had a birthday coupon for popcorn, so the kiddos and I shared a little something.
we HAD to stop by the Cinnabon stand because those warm, gooey, things
are hard to pass up lol
We grabbed some to share then
and one for hubby when he got back from Nevada.

ps these are some of those low lighting pics I talked about before,
long day meant late pics :)


Peach hummingbird scarf, tied like Kimono (Riah Fashion Inc)- Jane like (deal expired), Riah Fashion Inc similar
Blue Ikat shirt (Tweeds)- old, Thrifted
Maternity jeans (Oh!Mamma)- Walmart like
Leather moto boots (Steve Madden)-Amazon  (under $100@Xmas time) like

PPS will share how I tied "Kimono" soon

Sunday 1.29.17 (17 weeks)
The sun was out!
I wore another scarf/shawl today but this time tied it like a vest.
This is something I'll also demonstrate soon.
This beautiful shawl was given to me years ago 
as part of a "secret sister" gift exchange, through our women's ministry.
Those were some really fun exchanges.
The women who wanted to participate would place their name in a drawing
and each lady would pick out someone to bless for a few months.
It wasn't limited to gifts, it could be a card/note in the mail,
a meal delivered, an outing out, ect. 
The catch was, they couldn't know who it was that was blessing them.
That was a little tough.
You know, sneaking in gifts/giftbags without them
 or others seeing you, for fear of being discovered.
Some ladies couldn't take the suspense and dug around to find out who their secret sis was.
Others, like myself, didn't care. 
I just wanted to enjoy it without spoiling it.
At the end of the period, 
we could share who was who's secret sis 
and how it felt to receive as well as to give.
The sis who gave this to me is a beautiful soul
and someone who LOVES the Lord with all her being.
She is such an encourager and true worshiper. 
Thank you C.C.!

Fuchsia shawl, tied like a vest (?)- gift
White polyester blouse (?)- Old, thrifted
Maternity jeans (Liz Lange)- Target, (old) Thrifted
Cognac leather wedges (Esprit)- Marshall's like

Tuesday 1.31.17 (17+ weeks)

Navy gingham button up (Forever 21)- Old, thrifted like like
Tan vest (Candie's)- Old, thrifted
Maternity jeans (Oh!Mamma)- Walmart like
Ona scrunch ballet flats (Mossimo) Target like

Wednesday 2.1.17 (17+ weeks)
Ah, February 1st, the start of love month :)
I kicked it off with some rich colors because everything else around me
was still pretty gloomy.

Eggplant/plum? cardigan (Merona)- clearanced, Target similar similar, similar
Red orange sleeveless blouse (Apt. 9)- Kohl's like
Maternity distressed jeans (Planet Motherhood)- Walmart similar             Booties(Mossimo)- Target, (old) Thrifted  like

Wednesday 2.2.17 (17+ weeks)
The kids and I got to attend the elementary school's spaghetti feed, talent show, & silent auction that is put together yearly.
We enjoyed a delicious meal and the bravery of the kiddos on the stage!

Purple Cardigan (Old Navy)- Old Navy, (old) Thrifted
Purple/gold embroidered shawl (?)- Gift from MIL                                                                  
Ivory pleated blouse(Violet + Claire)- Marshall's similar                                              
Maternity jeans (Liz Lange)- Target, (old) Thrifted
Booties(Mossimo)- Target, (old) Thrifted  like

I'll add more as soon as I can!

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