MONDAY, JUNE 17, 2013

I'm a day late,
to all the dad's out there.

We got a good laugh at church, with this little video they've played once before.
It's awesome!

Church on the Move- Dad Life
Does this remind you of any dad's in your life?

We started our day at church,
tried out a new, totally awesome, Mexican restaurant
with hubby, family and friends,
got a nice nap,
and then went off to Walmart to get the kids a kiddie pool.

Saturday hubby and I got our first date night in a while,
which included attending a friend's wedding,
Dress- Ross clearance, tank, belt & lace slip thrifted, shoes- old, Sears clearance
Hubby's shirt & shoes thrifted.
getting some frozen yogurt after,
watching MAN OF STEEL
(part of his dad's day gift),
and late night tacos at Taco Bell!
It was a great night :)

What about the rest of you?
How did you spend it?

For some of you, Father's day may have been entirely different.
 An unenjoyable day, maybe painful or lonely
due to loss, separation, incarceration or never knowing your father.

Believe me, I have felt that in the past.

Without disrespecting my own dad & other siblings
I'd like to share that our dad chose a different life.
However it came to be, we had very few visits/calls.
For any child, especially one old enough to notice the absence,
this was a gut wrenching loss.

And as I was aging, living my own adult life,
 I'd suddenly realize, (only because out of sight out of mind)
that he'd had more children,
my siblings,
who had no fault or say in this
but got to know a dad.
I'd sincerely pray that he was a better dad to them.

If it wasn't for being saved, having the Lord in my life,
knowing what my heavenly father thinks of me and my true value through him,
having a great pastor who is also a great single dad to 3 children,
other respectable father's in my church who love their children tirelessly
and graciously show love and affection for mine,
and my own hubby who is a fantastic hubby and dad,
I can honestly say, I would feel complete loss and sadness.

We've reconnected somewhat in the last few years.
It allowed me the chance to tell him I'd forgiven him.
 I was able to share this with him,
-My forgiveness comes out of my love and commitment to the Lord
and for my own healing, not the release of his responsibility-.

I'm not perfect,
once in a great while i'll miss everything I lost out on.

I will say though,
my hubby's relationship with our kids
snaps me back into reality because he is an amazing dad.

He loves them with all his heart,
none of that "men are too macho to show affection" garbage,
he'd take a bullet or anything else for them,
he's hands on with everything,
he doesn't favor either one of them but gives in to our daughter a tad more lol
she knows how to work him;
he works his butt off to provide,
acts silly with them,
and most importantly shows them integrity, strength, love, support
and complete commitment to me, them and the Lord.

I can't complain,
God's blessed me greatly!

Happy Father's day to my hubby,
I love you!


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