So this is my little spot for relationship & marriage happenings,
things I've already posted,  lessons we've learned,
and anything I'm suppose to share from this point on.
It'll be posted as usual and stored here as well for easy access.

I'm clearly not qualified to counsel you on your marriage,
I have my own experiences and faith to reference.
I am sharing out of obedience,
for my own growth and to encourage others.

I pray you are encouraged in your marital journey.

Faith Lesson
Unemployment, faith, fasting
Love & Respect
My attempt to follow through
How we met
A valentine's story

Miscarriage pt.1
loss and fear
Money saving
Simple things we've done to save ourselves
 money and stress
Getting away
Miscarriage pt. 2
Miscarriage pt.3
Miscarriage pt.4
Miscarriage pt.5
Growing the family
answered prayer


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