Ok, so its not VALENTINE'S DAY.........YET.

But in honor of that day and the added focus on expressing one's appreciation &
 love for your significant other,
or anyone who is special in your life;
I have dedicated February to Vday themed REDO's.

I will tread lightly as I do not want these to be cheesy in any way, haha.

On a side note, WHAT a game tonight! Right?!

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lol I'm kidding.
 I sat with hubby for 20ish minutes,
  trying to follow one of  the LOVE & RESPECT suggestions for wives.
No, it doesn't say women should sit through football. 
Our church has been hosting its 1st Love & Respect group, with 4 awesome sessions so far!
I want to be a better wife,
but football was a stretch for me haha.
I tried, really.

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 It suggests I show RESPECT by participating in a activity hubby likes where I do no/limited talking, haha that's a toughy for me. (It sounds weird but its really not)
Basically an activity done side by side with my hubby, as men don't need much conversation/fellowship like women do and in turn he is to show LOVE by making face to face time with me cuz I DOOO.

I can handle that :)

On to this week's REDO's

Hubby had asked me a few months ago if I could fix his long sleeve shirt, 
but I hadn't gotten to it.  Since I was going to work on my redo, I figured I'd get to his first.

MEN'S BUTTON UP- $? Previously thrifted
DRESS- $2.00 thrifted

Hubby's sleeve had snagged on something causing it to tear.
It was a pretty easy fix.
I realized as I was working on hubby's shirt that it had tiny leaves in heart shapes.
At least in my opinion.

1. I used one of hubby's short sleeved button up as a guide and cut.
2. I then pinned the sleeves and sewed!
I wish he would have worn it today but he didn't. I'll get a photo of him in it someday.


BEFORE: The dress was cute but more for a young girl than a "young" lady like myself.
AND heart leaves? What a lovely coincidence.

1. I removed the elastic from the waist and cut across right where it was, I was going to make a Blouse with the bottom half.
2. I turned the fabric inside out and upside down, using the bottom (ruffles) as the top. I used my white flowered top as a guide and marked as close to the white as possible, then pinned both sides. Since the white top is a little looser I figured I could get away with not adding extra width, but cutting at marked area and eventually folding edges and sewing.

3. Before cutting or sewing I tucked in the ruffles on one side.  When turned out the correct way, they would show on the shoulder.

4. I then cut out the shirt from the fabric and also unstitched the right upper seam because it was going to be a sleeve.

5. I folded over the right side and sewed.
6. I then cut diagonally from the visible ruffle down to the pit area.
7. I pinned the diagonal & left side and sewed.

8. I then got to use hubby's leftover for my blouse! 
 I get to wear something of his while wearing something of mine :)
After messing with the material and figuring out how I was going to use it, I cut right under the tear, unstitched the seamed side and cut the other side, giving me 2 identical pieces.

9. I flipped the shirt, folded the diagonal side over it and had my guide for the black piece.
10. I then cut a similar angle on the black pieces (with enough to fold the edges) then sewed the left, top & right sides x2 (red thread). I then pinned the tops together, pinned the bottoms to its corresponding side and sewed.
11. I then got back to the original sleeve and sewed the edges, making sure I split the ruffle in half so that it would stay open.


Way more lady like, less little lady  :) I wore it with my black skirt, red wedges, silver hoops, silver heart necklace, pewter bangle ( both flea market finds $1) , silver bangle and red/silver ring.


Black shoulder/Ruffled shoulder





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