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Roses are pretty, but I prefer Gerbera Daisies anyday!

I hope you have a great Vday.

Here's a little love sent your way, with a song that gets me pumped!

And one that touches my heart :)


I have to share, when hubby and I met (Dec 1994)we agreed to only being friends and
wanted nothing more to do with dating.
We'd had enough of the "crazies" in our lives, didn't want to become one.
(FYI, hubby was not saved.  I was raised in the Christian faith but when I got myself a little freedom began doing things my way...which led to the "crazies" lol, well it wasn't funny at the time. )
So we shook on it, literally.
WEEKS into our beautiful friendship, my feelings began to change.
My best friend was always a complete gentleman,
opening doors, talking with me all the time, hanging out and
my fav, making me laugh!
Who wouldn't fall for that?
So yes, I developed feelings for N.
 I'd given my word about never pursuing a dating relationship,
so I kept it secret.

Well on February 2nd,
 Groundhog Day,
and while the movie (by the same name) was playing behind me.....
I received a phone call from N. explaining HE could no longer keep a secret.

Oh man, did I freak!

Is he not going to be my friend, does he secretly have a girlfriend I know nothing about,
he realized I'm a complete ditz? ( I was a few years younger than him,18 & still in H.S.)
He had developed a crush :)
For me :)

I didn't like him like that anymore!
I had ignored my feelings, chose to keep my word 
and prove that I was as "adult" as he was.
He was just my buddy.
Bad timing.
Alas...February 14th came around and we were going to start "seeing" each other,
 taking it easy, no labels,
 no commitments, just one day at a time.....
We'd be exclusive.
I wasn't willing to share even if there was no official title on our relationship

We'd been messed up by other people,
we didn't want to do that to each other,
to our friendship.
That night he asked politely IF he could kiss me
I abliged out of curiousity,
would it be over the top fireworks or a dud?
It was NOT romantic in any way.... I was kissing my buddy that night lol

Thank the Lord it worked out, my feelings grew
and eventually began to date.

Fast forward to Valentines 1998,
N. had secretly scheduled a limo to pick us up for dinner
and in the limo on our way he proposed :)

August 15th 1998 we got married.

We've had lots of ups and downs.
Differences in faith early on,
 hubby eventually made the decision to pursue God whole heartedly and became a born again believer.
Heartbreaks and joys.
Jobs and loss of them.
JESUS in our hearts
and always blessed.
He was meant for me

To my lovey, my best friend and best dad ever
I love you :)

Surprising my hubby with his favorite dish,
Camarones a la diabla aka spicy shrimp

I'll post pics later


Hubby worked most of the day and I did my regular stuff, childcare, errands, cleaning,
and preparing for hubby's favorite dinner.
All that left me no time to get dressed, well for the occasion.
About the time hubby got home, M.S. did too and I asked them to give me some time to get cleaned up for the evening.

I got to wear my VDAY redo tonight

I wore it with a pink tank, Old Navy jeans (like new $5 thrifted), 2 gold neclaces, gold earrings & gold sandals.

Rose necklace gift from mom,
layered necklace recent Xmas gift from mom & her hubby

This nice card from my little man WAS for me but decided later it was for all of us

That's him, M. going on 9 this summer.

My baby girl N. about to turn 6

My hubby and his favorite meal
Spicy shrimp with Mexican rice

A close up of the spicy deliciousness

M.S. does NOT like seafood. But...one of the perks of having her here is that she HAS to try new things lol
A rule we enfource and continue to uphold.
Reasoning being, she'd never try it on her own.
So we like to give her the loving push, hahaha.
I spoon fed her a shrimp and didn't gag, so it was a good sign.
She convinced herself to partake of the Vday meal
and joined the 2 of us.
Kids couldn't eat it, too spicy.

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I consumed 7 out of 12 dark choco beauties
 finally this movie with the fam.
It was a great night.

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