kid summer plans, summer schedule with rewards

As if my kids didn't get enough schooling,
I've put a summer plan into effect.
It's somewhat of a schedule of productive activities
 WITH tangible and for the most part, immediate rewards.

I got a little whining from the kids but mostly acceptance.
Regardless of their feelings, this wasn't up for discussion.

Primarily because I want to keep their learning momentum going,
Ensure *success this coming school year,
Discourage just lying about, watching t.v.,
Regulate how much Wii/gaming they're allowed,
Teach them the cost/value of summer activities
Curb the "I'M BORED" statements.


The kids have been out of school since Thursday the 12th
and have already done 2 fun activities to kick off summer.
Aside from their regular chores, a few set activities & reading,
there were no real plans. 
There's too much time each day to let it go to waste.
I gave them a few days to sort of lounge
but once Monday hit, we were on a schedule.

I'll explain what/how we're doing this,
the reward schedule
and some fun, helpful links.

*My son has struggled with retaining info, like me, throughout the years. 
We've worked hard, HARD, to help him be at grade level if not higher.
 Which means, I've had to stay on top of EVERYTHING. 
When others are going through a book, he's having to reread his. 
Studying is a lengthy process as well. 
I remind him, that anything worth acquiring requires true effort.

 I'm proud to say that this last school year 2013/14: 
he was 1 of 2 children (out of 25+ kids) to receive a 100% on their states test, FIRST try, received Honor Roll awards for the 2nd & 3rd trimesters
 and kept up with or exceeded expectations for computer learning programs!
 WHAT a feeling!
THAT'S why I'm pushing this even more.

5 or more pages
I purchased these at Sam's club for the listed price.
Here and here as well but cost more.

These are great for many reasons
 but mainly because they help prep them for next year.
I wish now, I had done this years ago.

Downside-Some of the activities require a little research as they don't always provide examples.
 IE: asking the weight in ounces, pounds, tons

30 minutes x 4
Just a few of the many books I've thrifted for them,
rarely purchasing new ones.
Our school gauges where students are reading wise, each trimester,
 has them read within that level
and then test on their knowledge of that book.
 This site helps you find the reading level, interest for kids and points earned.
It's not exact but gives you a good idea.
Sometimes I'll chose a book outside their reading level
 if I believe it challenging enough or not too difficult.

Then I make sure to write down the Reading Level- R.L. ex:(5.2= 5th grade 2 month)
and Points Earned- Pts (6) if test questions are answered correctly.

*Check here for book reviews by kids

The best to our ability/remembrance 

Hubby has been after me for YEARS to teach our kids Spanish.
It's always been a struggle for me.
Not because I'm a little rusty, which is true,
it's that I have to consciously do something out of the norm for me.
(I grew up speaking both languages fluently but when my parents split,
 we unintentionally stopped using Spanish. My sis and I lost a lot of it.)
Hubby has way more practice as he uses it with his bilingual employees.
I use it on occasion at church.
Do you know HOW HARD it is to witness in Spanish?!
I really chop up the gospel, eek.
And of course anytime we visit family in L.A. we bust out the Spanish,
broken and all hahaha. 
My in laws work with my lack of fluency and continue to encourage us to teach our kids.

 It's a NOW OR NEVER kind of thing, you know.
I somewhat joke(secretly hope) that if the Lord could redirect everyone at the Tower of Babel;
 cause them ALL to speak new languages, he could, IF he wanted to, 
have my children speak Spanish.
That hasn't happened yet, so I guess it means I have to put in the effort lol.

In all seriousness, I really do want to teach them.
So I've asked the Lord to help us with this as well.
After all, it does say in his word to ask and you shall receive!

summer plans, kids reward system

The kids can play video games 1/2 the time of whatever they read.
IE: 1 hr reading = 30 min play time, 30 min= 15 min, etc 

Each  reading/workbook page accumulates activity credits until they redeem them.
IE: Purchase a new movie, go to the matinee, mini golf, arcade, etc

Successful Spanish integration to where the kids are genuinely trying and picking it up,
by the end of summer= Six Flags trip

The first two are based on individual effort,
the last one is a group one.

I didn't include this but I also give my kids credit for working on educational sites,
a few are:
beginner reading- 
states games-


So far it's working well,
can't wait to see what they earn.


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