Today was the last day of school for my kiddos.
I feel both excitement over a relaxed schedule,
no homework, 
or packed lunches,
overall fun I plan for us to have
 and sentimental because another school year has come and gone.
Advancement in grade:
= Growing up
=God's life plan
=Moving out
= Empty nest

=Where did my babies go?

Anyone else feel that way?
We just celebrated 5 months!
 That's up next.

Ok moving on.

I seriously had never heard of gauze/muslin wraps until this last year or so.
Like ever, EVER.

Again, we didn't have a computer or internet 10+ years ago
when my son was going to be born.
(When daughter was born we had both but still wasn't aware of them!)
I didn't know many people in Sacramento or preggo's at the time.

It turned out (like my other two babies), that he was an extremely hot baby.
Not to the point of concern, just uncomfortable for all of us, sweaty uncomfortable lol

That June of '03, had been extremely hot too.
I believe it hit record temperatures that month, with the hottest day being the 27th!
(my son's birthday)

They could have really come in handy.
( I'd STILL like to try the muslin ones)

Using baby blankets were a NO,NO,
 except during winter and even then they couldn't be the heavy ones.

So we improvised with his crib sheets.
That's right we wrapped him in crib sheets.

Woven cotton ones not the jersey kind.

Technically a duvet cover: Thrifted $2.89+tx (IKEA product)
Why not?

They're light weight, tend to be cool to the touch, pretty large in size,
are safe to sleep on, so we figured safe enough to be wrapped in.
*when keeping elastic away from face*

like here

I am in NO WAY saying it is safe,
or suggesting you do it.
JUST that it's what WE did and have continued to do.

IF you decide to use crib sheets, FIRST remove the elastic
or cut off the rounded corners where the elastic is and sew up the edges.

You could also pick a cute woven cotton fabric,  repurpose a flat sheet
or even a pillowcase.

It made a huge difference when trying to swaddle,
and have done it with all 3 of my kids.
 I thought I'd do it the proper way and make a few squares for baby M.

Separating the two fabrics
I loved the pattern and decided to use it instead of the plain sheets I had
or cutting into the crib sheets.
I made a few single patterned squares
and 1 larger one with both patterns. 

L. Fold 1/4" edge twice, sew and repeat for all edges.
R. Two patterns combined and joined
SINGLE PATTERN- I cut 37"x 37" squares to get 36" x 36" after sewing edges.
DOUBLE PATTERN- I cut (2) 19" x 37" pieces to get an 18 x 36 square.

After joining the two fabrics, separated the sides and sewed down on each side.

L. After sewing both sides down (inside view).
R. Outside view


He approves :)


Dad got him smiling :)
The picture doesn't do his chub factor justice,
he's much "fuller" haha

This month we celebrated a week late due to conflicting schedules
but enjoyed it just the same.

Weeks ago I was blessed with a frozen turkey
and knew right then and there, we'd have turkey sandwiches 
on his 5 month celebration.
Of course, like every other event, started texting my mom & sis about what to bring.

On the menu: 
Turkey Ciabatta sandwiches
Fruit & Dip
(I JUST want to eat it straight out of the bowl)

I don't have pics because:
 1. We were starving after service.
2. I may have, just slightly, kind of, under cooked the bird
and didn't want reminders if anyone got sick lol
No one did. whew.
This isn't my 1st turkey
but I was up until 2 am finishing that up, cafe food
and laundry from our trip to L.A. for a graduation(post pics soon).


Here's my happy baby!


He got the giggles
and passed them on to us.

 Sometimes he spooks when we laugh too loud hahahaha

 But then recovers :)

My heart is full of joy,
I think everyone's is.



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