Sunday, December 18th, 2011

So, I've been extremely busy this week, more than usual. I had my kid's school Christmas parties, volunteering in their class, in our church's private school, childcare (2days only), PTA meeting, dentist appt, BAKING :), church office work, Church staff meeting, more BAKING, teacher gifts, preparing for our Christmas pics......homework, dinner, baths, you get the picture. 

Oh and If I could get off so easy, getting this REDO worked in and my Christmas one too so we could take our photos after service. AHHHHH!

(Happy place, Happy place, Happy place) lol

Thank you for being patient through all that.

Ok, though I worked on two items this weekend,  I will only post the first one as I wore it to church (the 2nd was for the photo). The next one, my Christmas one will be next week BECAUSE I wore that CHRISTMAS SUNDAY.

And yes, I WILL share our family photo :)

CAPRI'S thrifted $1.50


These were TOO loose and TOO short to be pants, TOO long to be capri's.......well on me atleast. I'm 5'1.
BUT I thought I'd give these a try.

The pants had a pretty wide hem, so I unstitched it, tried to iron out the crease and resewed it with a much smaller hem.

I still haven't mastered the straight leg or skinny pant. I was going for skinny like but ended up with straight leg after multiple tries and some frustration. Oh well. I turned these inside out and stitched from both inner and out leg, then I cut the excess.


Don't mind my hubby's socks.....its a consant with these pics.
 Excuse the quality, it was late when I took these and didn't have the natural light. My day started early with an awesome service, staff meeting, quick bite for lunch, scrambling to get our Christmas outfits on and out to the location. Then back to this outfit.

I wore it with my black top (REDO 11), red belt recently thrifted for $1.89 and my black flats previously thrifted.




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