Sunday, December 25, 2011


Sunday, December 25th, 2011

I pray you all have wonderful Christmas's,
 enjoying each other's company and recognizing God's love.

As promised before, our family photo!

Family photo with hubby N, kids M & N, M.S. our current student/newest family member and my sis E.

Ok on to this week's REDO's!

SKIRT- $2.00 thrifted
TIE- $2.89 thrifted

Every year I start preparing for our photo, the colors, the clothes, position and now location (1st pic outside). Also, taking them MYSELF. I get to be in control, IF I don't like, I DON'T buy. ha ha. Sam's Club is my favorite place to develop, quick, 1hr and inexpensive. 
Its so much more affordable, especially with lots of family and friends to share with.

Well, this year I was scrambling because of scheduling,events, and finding stuff last minute. I try my hardest to use what we already have in our closets, thrift the rest and IF,IF, IF I need something else, then I'll go into an actual store....if I'm lucky sale or clearance :)

That's how these redo's came about

The tie was for hubby and what I worked on first. I loved the pattern, colors, the price but not the width. It was clearly vintage, maybe 80's. And the skirt was a pretty easy fix.


Top Left Wide tie
T.R. Vintage Towncraft
B.L. I unstitched and ironed out the original creases
B.R. I got one of hubby's tie's as a guide and cut 1/4 in from each side of the liner.

I folded the flaps over as best I could to keep the point centered, ironed down and hand sewed the two sides.
Not bad for my 1st time taking in a tie.

Unfortunately I didn't get a close up of hubby in it, this is the best I have AND he chose to wear it in a way that makes it look very wide/fat. Really?! After I fixed it for him so it wouldn't look it. Oh hubby.

Old Navy
This skirt is my first with a higher waist and pleats going up through the waist. It was perfect, a little wide around the hips and legs but my size. I considered taking it up a few inches but liked that I could, IF I chose to, wear it high waisted.

I turned it inside out and started to sew at a subtle angle along the edge going in a little more towards the bottom. I wish I had exact measurements or for that matter an effective way to get this done. All I can say is that I'm still winging it. I tend to go at things with full force, figuring it out along the way and many a time having to redo it because I didn't take the time to really plan it out. lol That's my current trend.

I've learned to pin the ends together before sewing because fabric tends to stretch or move and then you end up with uneven sides.

It doesn't appear that I took much in, but I took it in a tad more on each side.

AFTER: A better look at what it looks like

I wore it with my white .99 cent flowered collar top, flower REDO 51, black tights ($5+ target), red ring, black earrings and my newly thrifted BCBG peep toe pumps $2.50 and in great condition!



HOW I wore it Today!


I wore the skirt with my jade sweater top REDO 22, red flower, Guess black & white striped jacket (gifted), silver jewelry, red ring, black tights and the red pumps.


Totally fun outfit :)

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