Thursday, June 9, 2011 at 12:04am

 Its Wednesday....and I should have posted Sunday haha

Eh, I got busy. What can I say?!

 I will share though, this is my last clothing REDO for a short while because I have some other exciting projects!!! 

GORGEOUS BIRDS!!! My absolute favorite
So after today my next few notes will be on DECOR REDO'S.  I'll be using Thrift finds and stuff I already own to REDO my bedroom! ( giddy )

This week I worked on something simple that I picked up at the outlet. It was 1 size too big and had puffy 3/4 sleeves.


BEFORE: Sweater top needs to be taken in and sleeves worked on.

Sleeve is fine at the shoulder but gets puffy & wider as it gets closer to the elastic.

I took in 1 in from the sleeve and all the through the body too.

Taking the body in took a few tries, it was too big every time. I then cut excess

I had to address the collar or always have to wear a tank underneath as it was too low in the front.
AFTER: Fits much nicer all over. I wore with jeans, blk boots, little gold hoops, gold chains, blk & gold pin & gold bangles.

COLLAR with pleats



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