I've been busily working on my room and excited to start pulling it all together. 
I'll be posting BEFORE and AFTER pics of what my room looks like from all angles, later. Which I must say isn't much, its functional but kinda thrown together.
 It never hit me until just a few days ago....this has been a long time coming.  
I've done my kids' rooms in different themes, 
My son's room is in safari and my daughter's is retro mermaids and again on the cheap!


It never crossed my mind to do something for myself, for us. 
You know, a nice retreat :)

So for now, my focus is going to be on the individual Decor REDO's, to get the room to its finished state. 
So yes.... I'll be stringing you along haha.
 But don't fret, I AM posting before pics of the item and a somewhat after shot .
Of course on the day of the big reveal, you'll be able to see everything!

 Every time I redo an item in this photo I'll post this photo as well
This first picture is of the things I found on my 1st Thrift trip, $9.16 + tx.
 I've listed the items with letters so that when I'm referring to them you'll know what I'm talking about.
 Numbering would be confusing as I have multiples in some. 
 Also a few are going to be used as is but most REDONE. 

 I'm starting with (C) a set of prints with white frames, each $1.24+ tx. The print is decoupaged on board so glass is not included/needed.

I used a mixture of Turquoise, Night Sky, Metallic 14k Gold & Black. 
All in acrylic craft paints in the Folk Art, Delta, Apple Barrel brands you can find at most stores.
 I bought these years ago when I worked at Michaels...they're still good.
 A little thick but a good shake & a tiny bit of water did the job. 
I just patted them together until I got a good mixture.

I covered most of the print by continuing to pat the brush all around but loved that some color peaked through, giving it a textured look.
 I then mixed the same gold and black for the frame part.
 Both times using the gold for the iridescent effect.

Closer look:
 I also wanted it to appear a little bronzey

Next, I used the top 1/2 of some feathers I already owned 
for the inside part of the frame and the other 1/2 for the outside.

Redos, frame redo, thrifted frame, peacock feathers
I then decoupaged the feathers with the Modge Podge I already owned. 
Its not as pretty or vibrant in color but it'll get better when dry.
 I'm working on getting both visual and textural items in OUR room.
 I keep saying my room, like I'm the only one who uses it lol
 Hubby just goes along with my changes hee hee



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