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My name is Amanda
Our beautiful babies :)
Haven't they grown so much?!
 Our youngest had just been dedicated and he was sooo sleepy.

I'm a stay at home mom of 5, 
(my 1st being with Jesus)
 current host mom to 1 + 7 previous discipleship students,
and a follower of Christ, with lots to do.

My babies visiting Great Grama B, she was a huge part of my life.
We take yearly photos as a way to honor her and document their growth

I LOVE to thrift, redo clothes & DIY projects!

 It allows me to expand my wardrobe, clothe my family 
and personalize our home without breaking the bank. 
My hopes are to be a good steward, raise a godly family, 
be content in times of little or much
and hopefully be of encouragement and inspiration to others.

(12.98 - 7.19.12)This was Matilda our longtime family member(13+ years) 
and our first "baby" before the actual ones came.
I still miss her so much.

I initially started with clothing redos in 2010,
after 1st discovering Marisa on Yahoo Shine(no longer available)
and then following her for a while on New Dress A Day
Her challenge to make the best of a difficult situation inspired me.

I'd been feeling disconnected & discontent with myself,
 believed I didn't have much to offer, other than being a spouse or parent-
and a shoddy one at that(such a low point for me).

I wanted that same focus, drive & challenge.

I nervously approached the idea of redo's.

Would it be vain, self promoting or selfish to invest in myself?
What if I got in over my head, wasted time and money?
Honestly, I had no idea how it would turn out.
 I figured if I failed, it wouldn't affect anyone.
On the other hand, what IF I succeeded

It would boost my morale and make for a better spouse/parent.

 I knew God was stirring something in me because I just went for it!

I completed my very first redo with good results,
shared through my personal FB account
and then continued to regularly.
I was no expert & definitely had lots to figure out, 
but maybe, just MAYBE,
 I could help someone in my position.

Here's a  little more  background on SISTER'S FOUR 

Every decently sewed item gave me more confidence,
lessened my complacency and encouraged my displaced creativity.
I literally became a renewed me;
 happier, inspired and eager for the next clothing challenge.

More than anything, I've learned over the years that
it wasn't just about sewing, being crafty or frugal but a form of self care;
it allowed me to invest in something other than my faith and family,
that inspired me and challenged me.
I realized I could have a positive impact on someone else
 by sharing my imperfect journey,
and possibly inspire others to see & go beyond their own complacency. 


That's how the blog came about.
After a year on FB, nudging from friends
and prayer, especially over the name, took the blogging plunge.
I transferred all my old content (slowly updating & making reader friendly)
and continued REDOS here.
I decided early on that I didn't want it to be about me,
just the cool things I was learning, 
so I intentionally hid my face on the redos. 
You see my face more often now :)

I wanted the Lord to be glorified in all I did:
To communicate his investment in me and in turn, I in others(sow),
To share my desire to know him and make him known(seek),
 To use/discover my gifts/talents and encourage yours(sew)
lastly, receive the blessings of it all(reap).

The blog's purpose is still the same,
 to use my creative muscle and continue learning through it.
 To inspire others and spur them to think outside their box,
 help them find their own creativity and lead them to a place of
resourcefulness & ingenuity.

The blog and I have evolved over time,
including many posts on family, marriage, life, loss, low-cost crafts/decor,
Friend Fixes and other tidbits.
Sewing has taken a bit of a backseat as my family has grown,
in time, I hope to start it up again.
What won't change, is the heart behind this spot of mine
or my constant need for the Lord.

 If you have questions, prayer requests
or anything else, send me a note, I'd love to help.
c/o "Prayer"

Thanks for stopping by!

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