TIRE TRACK CURTAINS! - racing room redo #2


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Good morning friends!

I'm so excited to finally get on the ball
with all my son's race room redos.

I've worked very slowly, pure distraction,
and am just about done.
I worked on his homework/computer desk yesterday 
and hope to finish off his chairs soon.

A little while back I worked on some curtains for his room.

Before look, plans for his room & updates here 

His desk & curtains before.

They were the old tab ones from our room, 
which eventually got replaced when I did our room makeover.

I'me glad I held onto them because it was one less expense.

I already had black Rit dye I had purchased at the salvage sale for pennies, literally pennies!
I followed the instructions to the best of my ability,
 but they vary with the powder form and the liquid. 
Not sure if that altered the color in any way because you need salt for 1 type
 but not the other.
Anyway, I got like a midnight blue, sort of a washed out black.

I then washed one of the tires, I happily picked up on the side the road months ago.
I liked how it had a flame-like tread.
I used black and white craft paint to get a grey, but it ended up looking white anyway.
I didn't mix it with any fabric medium, 
because that would mean I'd have to purchase some 
AND I don't plan on washing them very often.
FYI, its a good thing to use if you will be washing the item regularly.

I literally just brushed a heavy coat of paint onto the tire,
picked it up, placed where I wanted 
and rolled slowly, adding the pressure of my weight.
It took me a few tries but overall I'm satisfied.
I let them dry for about an hour.

My son thought it was the coolest thing, so I really win!
I then had to remove the tabs and make small cuts with my seam ripper to allow room for

Those clamps are a pain too... you have to unscrew and screw each one
Thanks hubby for letting me raid your stuff :)

That's it!

left side

Right side
Both sides :)



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  2. Thanks Umesh! I'll have to check out the site.

  3. Nice design with Tire & Track on shirts, curtains.. Good creativity


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