This is what my son's room looks like, 
now that his little sis has her own room.

The bed skirt helped hide all their excess toys.
He has a jungle/safari theme currently

They had lots of toys between them and keeping the room
tidy and simplified was a difficult task for me.

I can't handle clutter.
I'm a visual person and visual clutter tends to cause me mental clutter,
if that makes sense.
Of course, there are times when so much is going on,
that clutter happens and I can't do anything about it, in that very moment.
So I do my best to not stress over it and
remind myself I will handle it when I get to it.

Dollar Tree frames & hats. Pictures printed from computer.

The desk aka homework spot and computer are newer additions, since my daughter has moved out.

I made the lamp with an Asian cone hat, straw skirt and a lamp kit.

Ms. M&M was a gift hubby brought from work for the kids.....yay, more stuff lol
It was part of a display.
 My son's room is much larger than my daughter's.
I feel less pressure about doing his room for some reason.
Almost easy.
Except I haven't started it yet lol

He made a compromise with me as I AGAIN did not want to do a typical
themed room.

He wants NASCAR/racing, I suggested racing from different periods,
which would include some retro stuff :)
I'd also like to include some weathered/rusted items.

Here are some of my ideas!

Racing room collage
all photos found online

My challenge with him as well is keeping true to what he likes/wants
but with a slight variance.

I'd like to include these ideas in doing the following:

  • Paint the light colored walls the same color as my daughter's room- Stone White 
  • I've included a color sample of what the opposite walls already are, they'll be staying that color
  • Remove bed skirt & go through everything under the bed 
  • Convert the bed back into a seating area
  • Make/find cushion cover and make throw pillows
  • Thrift a newer comforter for the top Used 1 we already had
  • Remove or fix small mirrored dresser (if fixed, then paint knobs) Removed
  • Paint mirror grayish blue like this Left as is
    I prefer the 2 left ones
  • Paint the desk, maybe this will be the rusted item
  • Paint the chairs and reupholster, adding padding and checkered material
  •  Didn't reupholster but added checkered material
  • Attempting to convert his current lamp into a filter one STILL want to do this!
  • Make a new hanging lamp
  • Finding/making new curtains
  • Painting the knobs on the dresser with the TV, grayish blue Left as is
  • Change out/make a hanging lamp
  • Try making my own chalk paint and painting the short oak dresser Left as is
  • Take Ms. M&M out!
  • Hang up a large racing flag we got from the church sale a few years ago
  • Frame some signed racing pictures hubby got a few years ago
  • Use  tool boxes I recently thrifted 
  • Hang auto parts we recently found at the flea market
  • Make large auto collage and use my daughter's old frame to frame it.
  • Make a cool mobile with son's banged up hot wheels
  • Hang up son's thrifted race suit we used for his 9th birthday
MAYBE, if hubby can swing it, make a cool rolling tire table, 2 tires high.

In my mind this all sounds great, hahaha
hopefully it's not an overload for the room.

We'll see.


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