I TRULY AM BLESSED pt 5- Steadfast to Sweet confirmation

FRIDAY, MAY 31, 2013

This is the final segment!


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I can't remember the book now or even the name of it,
just that right in front of me,
under the "M's",
was my son's name!

Not only the name but the meaning.
(I'll get to that soon)
I couldn't believe it!!!!

At that very moment,
it was if all the noise around me disappeared.
All I could do was read and reread the meaning.
I was in awe,
NO, in utter shock at its meaning.

Since finding that book, I have never seen the same complete definition
of the name again.
Bible baby names, choosing our son's name, the meaning behind it
The service from that point on was kind of a blur really hahaha.
Not because it wasn't a great service but my heart was so filled with joy,
 that I don't think I really focused.

I can't even remember if I shared with my sis or even the ladies on the trip.
I just knew, I had my answer.

When I got home from the trip I was so anxious to tell hubby what I had found.
I quickly wrote it down on a little card, which I still have,
so I'd never forget it.

Hubby was excited to finally have an answer to the "meaning" question
and happy that I had gone with my gut feeling on the name.

I never did get to share with my co-workers what the name meant,
I think its because I decided to take my leave a little earlier (the heat was killing me).
They were super kind and threw me a baby shower right before I left and at work too.
I'll never forget their generousity.

Eventually my church family threw me a 2nd shower,
followed by a family one. 
I was so blessed!

Fast forward to delivery, not fun.
Don't I look tore up!? hahaha I felt tore up, for sure!
But my baby came out healthy,
 with some "vacuum" help from the nurses
and we were finally through with it.
12 Days old :)
Our little cone headed, dark haired, baby.

Then about a month or so after that...

I was visiting family in my hometown.
We had decided to meet up for pizza and joined my aunt J,
(same aunt who attended conference with me 1st time around)
my cousin T, Grama & Grampa for some lunch.

We talked, caught up and discussed the baby.
My Grampa shared how much he loved the name and the bible story,
how happy he was to hear we'd chosen a biblical name.
I was excited to share the meaning with them and my journey of finding it,
thinking my story ended there....

Then my aunt J says something like this,
 'Oh ya, when I heard you decided to name him _______ I wasn't surprised,
 I already knew you would name him that.'

I then asked how she knew because we hadn't really talked due to her work schedule.
I hadn't shared with my family as much as I had with my church family.
Only because they were such busy people,
I didn't get as many visits there as I'd like.

I said, "you couldn't have known."
'YES' she says, 'Don't you remember when we were teens, our parents would go to church early to pray and we'd have to go too? During one of those times we were flipping through the bible and we came across MANOAH, and you said, 'when I have a boy I'm going to name him Manoah, its like Noah but with a -Ma- in front of it'


Her response wasn't registering.
 I was shaking my head in a "no" motion,
as it threw a wrench in my story.
I had only remembered finding the name as an adult 
but it not meaning anything at the time,
 but the more she repeated it
and added more details,
the more the memory came back to me and awe filled my heart again.

YES, that very thing HAD happened, I had claimed it as my own.
Who knew a kid could actually get what they wanted when they grew up?!

God had indeed granted my request!

It was my full circle, my story was NOW complete and I had just received the most

 I had indeed received the name from the Lord,
its story and meaning spoke what we needed at the time
and now it was triply confirmed.

Judges 13

* Consolation to parents

Yep, the Lord is good!

GUSHING all over again at what He did for us!


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