The kids started school last week, August 15th, 2013.
 Although they initially dreaded it, they were super excited the night before
and seems to be the norm for now.

Wait till the real homework starts rolling in, I'm sure it'll change everything.

There's a quick peek at our first day of school
after the lamp details

Just a reminder of where I was heading with his room.

This is what his hanging lamp looked like before.
It was a lamp kit from Ikea-old
and a Chinese cone hat + a grass skirt attached.

Car Chandelier, Decor, Recycled lamp kit, Recycled Hot Wheels, Hot Wheels lamp
The car shadows are pretty cool!
This is the after.

Do you remember a while back, when I used the box from a brand new but damaged fan(Hello Kitty art)we bought at the salvage sale? 
Well, hubby couldn't fix it after all and he almost tossed it.
But I said, "WAIT !" I might be able to use it later hahaha 
Well I have and this is one of the ways.

T. R. Picture of fan, it has a bronze finish.
T.L I used the metal ring that holds both front and back grills together and some floral wire.
I made sure to 1st wire the ring shut before adding the rest of the wire.
B.L. I used 3 long pieces of wire, about 3 ft. long and wired them to the ring.
I then rapped the top ends together and formed a loop.
B.R. Close up of loop.

Car Chandelier, Decor, Recycled lamp kit, Recycled Hot Wheels, Lamp with Hot Wheels
L. & T.R. I then went through all my son's cars, picked out some cool ones including motorcycles
and then lined up by color.
 B.R. I then combined 2 or more colors in a pattern per level, 
depending on how many I had of each color.
ie. level 1- Reds and Purples
                          level 2- Blues, Blacks, Silvers, Whites
         level 3-Greens and Yellows

He still has so many left, I don't even think I made a dent in his collection.

I then cut wires in 3 different lengths and attached them through the various little holes or bumpers in the cars.

That's it!

Aside from moving my son's room around which was exciting for him,
this was my first real redo and he LOVED it!


NOW, for the first day of school!

Lining up for class.
It must be a safety thing because no one lines up at their doors
like the "old" days, every class has a specific
spot for lining up.

Walking in to class and finding their seats.

A super cool thing for my son this year, 
 he got his Kindergarten teacher as his 5th grade teacher!

She had shifted grades a few years ago but at the time, I thought nothing of it.
Well, just that my daughter wouldn't get the opportunity to have her like my son did.
Totally forgetting that he MIGHT have the opportunity to have her again,
when he moved up in grades.
Love it!

My daughter got a great teacher as well but we didn't get the chance to have a 1st day pic,
so here they are on the 2nd day.

Her striped vest a thrift find!
Humor me, will you?
I'm nuts about my kids hahaha

His shirt - Old Navy clearance. Her blouse a thrift find and leggings Old Navy sale.
And of course, the first day would not be complete without an after school sweet treat!
I love this time, it give us all a chance to relax and talk about the first day :)

The kids got hugely blessed again this year with school money from my mom and sis.
I purchased clothes from the thrift store, clearance racks at Ross, Old Navy & Target
and a few non sale items but still at good prices.
PLUS, in June when we went to L.A. for our nephew's graduation,
my sis-n-law who works for a snazzy kid's line, blessed them with some super cute clothes.
And I already had lots of school supplies from last year's trip to the salvage sale....
pencils, pens, crayons, markers, notepads and erasers.
We only had to purchase their backpacks, lunch boxes and a few other things!
God is good.




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