MONDAY, MAY 20, 2013

I've recently started sharing the song
that spoke to me the most, during our Sunday service.

They all do in some way but there's typically one that gets to my core;
my heart of hearts;
one that speaks what I'm feeling, ministers to that part of me that needs it most;
brings joy and pumps me up;
or simply, speaks what God had to say.

Well to be true to that,
 even thought it wasn't a worship song in our service,
its one that I've been hearing often and LOVING.

Tim Timmons is the possessor of this wonderful raspy voice,
uses it to glorify God 
and encourage me :)
 I hope it will encourage you, too.
Check out his story on living with cancer, here

Want to know what we've been up to?
Check it out below

Well, we've been up to lots of fun things.

Skating different times, they're getting better.

A trip to Chuck e Cheese
and their cool prizes.
Hubby rarely passes up an opportunity for photos hahaha

Machine Gun Preacher and the motorcycle from the movie

A visit from Mr. Sam Childers aka The Machine Gun Preacher , again.
This time with the actual bike which was in the movie.
To purchase a raffle ticket for it go here
OR take the $35,000 cash prize he's giving away IF you don't want the bike.

MGP and the motorcycle from the movie

GERARD BUTLER, YES the very one, sat on this bike!
No he wasn't present hahaha

L. Mr. Childers with his arms crossed directly behind the bike
R. Mr. Childers looking towards the camera

I have yet to finish the dolls 
or notify Mr. Childers' team that I have dolls coming their way.

I chickened out when we spoke...
I'm certain he gets approached by all kinds of kooks,
I figured the last thing he needed was my nonsense ramblings over the home made gifts
 I'll be sending their way.
I figured I'd approach him/them the "professional" way,
 through email and a photo attachment hahaha.
I'll let you know what kind of response I get.

*update 5.21.13
I sent an email today, sharing my heart and motivation behind the dolls.
I don't know if I'll get a response.
Either way, I'm making the dolls.
Target for all their clothes, son's shoes Ross
The kids at their first ever Baptism/Quinceanera 
 M.S. joined us as well, it was also her 1st.

Clearanced blouse Target, Necklace Target, skirt, shoes and other jewelry thrifted.
Hubby- thrifted shirt, jeans JCP, Boots Macy's
Hubby and I :)
We COULDN'T wait for dinner, so we snuck off to the local burger place
for TONS of fries and swirled ice cream. 
I know bad, but so good.
Then it turns out, dinner wasn't being delayed 
and we had to consume more food out of respect 
and well, out of our own greedy desire, because it smelled so good.
It was soo good.

Celebrated my son's 1 year of karate by taking him to this movie.
It was really good but a little "dark" for me.
I wouldn't suggest it for little ones.
 I made sure they covered their eyes just in case it was too scary for them. all the way through credits

Follow me on Go Chic or Go Home
I started an account just to keep me motivated to dress nice, daily.
I get dressed,
I just don't always put effort into it.
I tend to reserve that for outings or church.
Its really more for me.
But thought I'd throw it out there.

 We attended the kid's yearly dance festival.
Each grade does a dance together.
But having to drop off some stuff before this event
caused us to miss my daughter's class :(

 My babies!

 We made up for it by taking lots of individual dance shots

 Teaching dad the dance

Handle bar time
before going to get to some ice cream. 

He's got the darkest, thickest, most luscious hair I've seen in a while. Girls can't keep their hands off hahaha
I couldn't pass up a chance to be in the pic with my big boy.

 Picnic and park time

M.S. and I
Most of the stuff came from Dollar Tree and the thrift store.
Our church's 14 year anniversary, of which we've been a part of almost 12 years.
I was asked to set up a photo booth area.
By far this has been the funnest one I've done.

spring photo booth

 Being silly

Hubby and I and his need to show off

Aside from all this fun,
the kids and I have planned out our summer activities list.
They only have school until the end of this month!
Things that are free, low cost
and hopefully very time consuming so they don't get bored to death.
Reading will definitely be included
with points earned to "upgrade" certain activities.
I'm excited as this will be our FIRST summer
in a LONG time, that I don't have any childcare in my home.

What's next?
tackling my son's room
and continuing to make the jean dolls


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