MONDAY, MARCH 4th, 2013

Before anyone believes I came up with such a "great, creative, resourceful" idea....
 It was this young man Nate, who created it

and The Lord who totally brought it back to memory! 

 I originally saw the article Summer of 2012 in  COMPASSION EXPLORER ,
the kids magazine included in every Compassion Magazine we get.

So when my heart said I could & must do something for kids in Africa too,
this little project jumped out at me.

I searched for the magazine, praying I hadn't tossed it out,
  it had been MONTHS since I'd first read the article.

I wasn't sure if it was something I could look up, had I not found it, 
but I did 
and that's where this all began!

The pattern for Nate's "Build-A-Dude's"  allowed me to easily
create jean babies and adjust them to my liking.

I used a slightly rounded "Charkey" pattern
for both the boy & girl babies.

1.print pattern, cut out.
2. trace onto jeans, pin & cut out
I, like Nate, am using used materials.
I'm hoping to get more jean donations soon to continue making these.
(I've already asked a few people and working on some more)
Including used t-shirts & jean leftovers to stuff the insides,
make bows & balls from them.
I'm only having to purchase the thread.

1. FYI sew faces 1st: boy doll add ball too(round piece of fabric)
2. Thread large needle with about  2&1/2 feet string, do not double up & knot.
3. Leave it long with about 3 in. overhang like below.
4. Sew pieces together starting at the head & making sure to not lose the string along the way.
 If you run short on the string knot on the inside, and start new where you left off.
5. When you get all around to the neck area, stuff with scraps and finish off.

 Instead of buttons I used embroidery thread for the eyes.

Girl doll: sew bow on last.
(fold thin piece of fabric in 3rds, then wrap a 2nd smaller piece around and sew together)

They are cuddly, lightweight & completely washable.

My kiddos have one of their own
and love them!



  1. Hi there! Cute idea! I'd love to make little gingerbreads like that for Christmas!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Taylor. Gingerbreads would be awesome....send me a link if/when you do make them, I'd love to see :)


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