Thursday, March 14, 2013



Along with my daughter's room  make-over
and the jean dolls
I'll be doing my best to catch up on old news
and share anything extra along the way.

The first few days of March got spent with great people 
up in the Grass Valley, Ca area.

It was a staff retreat for the pastoral staff
Salvation Army camp
Although it wasn't a get-away like hubby and I would love to take,
we've had at least 2 opportunities, while short and aside from this one,
 to hang sans kids.

It was totally awesome to hang with friends(adults) and fellow leaders.
We had the whole place to ourselves too!

We use to have these in the Tahoe area once a year but its been about 5-6 years.
Its a time to relax, have fun, regroup, pray, plan and EAT, EAT, EAT!

I was even warned that I better not be on a diet that weekend lol
BECAUSE we'd be eating like teenagers.

The proof that NO ONE was dieting
And they were right,
it was 90% junk food.

The bridge that leads to the main area.

There is a prayer bench up on this little mound, which gives you a perfect view of the stream and bridge.


It was beautiful up there!
Most of the staff got there Thursday afternoon, 
so they had an extra day to relax.

Our simple but quaint accommodations also meant single beds lol

This is the nice spot I found the mossy branches  :)
 I instantly said "oooh, I want some of those!"
Hubby says, "what for?"
I respond, "I don't know, I just want them"

hahaha why not, its free right?!

Hubby, I and longtime pal P.S. walked the grounds.
P.S. mentioned the sand looked like gold flakes, so they both went to inspect.
While searching for "gold" Hubby noticed he was 7ft tall......for once.
So, for his sake I had to photograph it. :)

During the summer this area is completely covered with water.

Canoe rentals

Hubby & P.S., back onto the dock

 Aside from the junk we ate before dinner, we got us some man-size protein.
P.S. and wife C.S. are some mean steak grillers.
The cozy fire
This first night was wonderful,
we enjoyed an awesome dinner, talked, laughed, played games
and others, like us, just enjoyed the flames.
We also got some prayer time in and let God move.
Some amazing words were spoken over our lives that evening.

Dining hall, meeting room, breakfast area, etc.
with all you can drink coffee, hot cocoa & tea!
Saturday morning breakfast and planning meeting.

Down this side of the camp was the soccer field, kids play area, rock climbing tower & water hole
After the meeting we got more free time to hang, play or explore.

This time around it was just us 2.
We crossed the bridge, over to the wagon area and relaxed while listening to the stream.

It was surreal for us to think back at how much God had done,
in us, our marriage, our family, finances, connections, friendships....
To see where God had brought us out of, to this, a beautiful location just to be blessed.

This weekend was definitely about fellowship and reconnecting,
exactly what we all needed.
Think of big kids or siblings playing, laughing, joking around,
that was all of us.

To call these great people family/friends and co-servants,
and have a Pastor who sincerely cares for our families, their well being and growth,
 right in there, hanging with us,
praying over us and letting God take precedence,
is a blessing like no other.

We felt blown away at the words spoken the night before 
and a true desire to be worthy of his blessings.

It was a complete refreshing!


What keeps us going strong in life and marriage is the choice we make daily,
to let go of our selfish desires and follow after Christ.
To put each other, our family, friends and those in need above ourselves.
Its tough, we are human.

But its faith, relationship and love we have for Jesus and God the father
that brings us joy, redemption, restoration, healing, purpose, peace, true life, victories
and so much more.

THAT is what engages our inner being and causes a natural desire to follow Jesus's lead.
God has laid out the path through Jesus, 
its available to EVERYONE,
regardless of race, color, creed, background, rich, poor, 
educated, uneducated,  young, old.....EVERYONE
and up for the taking.
Receive the gift of Jesus!

Just say "God, I admit I've made mistakes doing it my way. I'm choosing to trust you. I believe you sent your son Jesus to die for my wrongs and 3 days later woke him from the dead. I believe he lives and desires to have a relationship with me.  I want to receive forgiveness and new life through accepting him into my heart."  
Or anything like that :)
Romans 10:9  

The trail has been blazed, 
I'm riding on the coattails of JESUS!
It is what it is friends.


All that amazing talk led to this, (gush)
I guess hubby was feeling the love cuz he planted one on my cheek!

I said jokingly, "hey, not in public" 
He says "who cares, we're in the wilderness"
Gotta love the response 

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