MONDAY, JANUARY 31, 2011 

OK so this week I'm a tad late, I was in Sonora  picking up youth from Winter Camp!

I'm wearing this blouse tonight, dinner date with my lovey(kids in tow lol) :)
I loved the pattern and the "peacock eye" action. 

BLOUSE-thrifted  $1.89
It's a babydoll blouse but really does nothing for a woman, completely unflattering, 
and just hangs loose like a big sheet :/ So I'm going less potato sack more hourglass haha
 And the ruffles.....those are being reworked for sure!

I began unstitching the ruffle.

Ruffle completely off.
 Since it shortened the blouse, I knew I had to rework the material back on to extend the length.

I turned inside out and sewed a new seam 1" from the original.

The body was next, I took an inch in on the sides of the blouse.

I then worked on adding the material back to the bottom of the blouse. 
Except, I didn't just want to add it back as is, I wanted to break up the pattern a bit. 
 I turned the extra material around and created a lighter tone on the bottom.
 After trimming length of "ruffle" and trying (multiple times) to make the side seams match with the blouse seams, decided to place them in the front and back. 
I folded over a thin flap 2x then ironed down a section at a time for easier sewing.
 I then pinned down the back "ruffle" seam to match the original center seam on the back of the blouse.

I sewed from the front all the way around until I met with the other side. 
My previous mistake and inability to work my original plan, allowed for a cool feature in the blouse: a slit/triangular opening! 
When I tried it on I still wasn't satisfied, the blouse was still too loose on the waist.
I turned inside out 1 last time and sewed lower side seams 1/4 inch in. 
That was it, I was done!

 I love how it now sits on my hips loosely.
  I wore with all my thrift finds....Tank, cropped jacket, pinkish bangle, dk jeans & flats :)
 It can be worked so many ways

TOP Close up, I left the ties open

BOTTOM close up, 2 tone blouse




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