This week I worked on a vest I bought last January from Target's (men's) clearance.
 I had worn it once already as is but realized it was too boxey. 
So, this week I decided to make it a little more feminine and rework another part of it.

PS.....I got blessed with 2 camera's for Christmas! God is good!!!! 
So, my pictures will be much better :)

I was shopping for hubby and found this for me lol 
I found one for him too but was in a different pattern.

Too boxey even with straps

 I liked the pattern here too, it's
 hard to see but it has thin black lines . 
I'm going to try and make it REVERSIBLE. 
I think I'm crazy for attempting something I've never done!
But I REALLY love the idea of having 2 looks.

Since I wanted to make this reversible I couldn't just fold in 1/2 in of material and sew. 
I nervously unstitched 2 or so inches of the striped material and about 1 in. across on both sides because I needed to get to the black material.
 After opening up 1st side I cut 1/2 inch of the black material.

Then I pinned the black material for machine stitching. 
I eventually opened up more of the striped material to get to the stopping point on the black. Basically the striped material had to be wider so that I could work the inside.

Once the black was stitched I could breath lol 
More at ease, I overlapped the striped material, got a needle and white thread and began to hand sew together. 
I began at the top sewing the sides and trying to follow the stitch pattern.
 When it came down to where I had unstitched, I made tiny stitches so that it was less noticeable. I then repeated the process on the other side.


If you compare the pictures,you can see that the sides aren't as flared out. 

I added buttons (Walmart) on the inside of vest.There's also no more tags.
 The side tag couldn't just be cut, so I had to open side, remove tag & close up.

It was still baggy so I ADDED pleats from the center of the back,
 down to where straps would be.
 This took a few tries.
 I used the stripes as guides, counted out lines and pinned for both sides. 
This allowed for even spacing. I tried multiple times to sew with the machine but the thread would get tangled on the black side. ERR... I gave up and HAND stitched it all.
BUT now that each side had mini holes, they became my guides for the stitches.

Redo's, Vest redo, double sided vest
 I wanted to wear the "new" side since I'd already worn the grey side. 
WORE with white tapered top, skinnies & black flats, all thrifted + silver jewelry.

Redos, vest redo, double sided vest
Because its a 2 FOR 1,
 I flipped it around, rolled my sleeves and switched necklaces.

There you have it,
decently successful haha



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