SUNDAY, JANUARY 23, 2011 



First off, this was my BIRTHDAY WEEK!!! Just thought I'd share lol. I had a GREAT birthday and was blown away with how God blessed me. I'm still in awe :))

I found this great blouse at a different thrift store a while back and saved it for this week. Knowing I had a birthday coming up, I wanted to work on this blouse in time to wear it out. Birthday evening plans- Tango Buenos Aires, it was AMAZING!!!  So, this week I got to wear it twice.

1st, I played around with the scrunchy material and 
decided to add pleats for some definition in middle. I ironed them in 1st.

I ironed all the way down just in case I decided to sew it to bottom hem. I ultimately just went about half way down and "erased" excess pleats by ironing them out.

2nd I turned inside out to unstitch the side hem. I was hoping to let it out a bit, resew and then tightened width on the lower end of blouse.

Beginning to unstitch

Completely unsewn!
 Realized too late that this material is NOT forgiving in any way, once you make a hole its totally visible and it shreds like madness. 
So...after fighting with my machine, getting no where and having to keep cutting shredded sides, I FINALLY sewed it back together.
 Unfortunately, it was now snugger than before, Yikes! I just about gave up with this one. Really, I was so frustrated!!! What to do?! 
Give up, find something else to work on or just suck it up and make it work?

I decided I wasn't going to let my $ and time be wasted. 
So, I started to take out the cute scrunchy elastic pattern :( I thought that might help the upper area have a little more room.
 It worked but not quite enough. I then flipped over the blouse and took out the 2 long pleats on the back. 
I wasn't going to undo MY work, I was going to undo someone else's lol. It worked!

My Birthday outfit! I wore it this way today but w/ my hair pulled back. 
Wore my Blk fitted velvety jacket,skinny's, boots & charcoal jewelry.
 (Necklace is really a belt)

Without Jacket-
 <--1) side I worked on, I didn't dare touch the other side lol
                             <--2) Because of my seam "mistake" it actually tightened the bottom hem a tad more creating this nice overlap! Who would have known?! lol

 The pattern is still there thankfully even after taking out the elastic which held it together. Except now with no elastic, it opened up the neck much more and showing straps is not an option. I folded over 1/4 in on each side and sewed by hand. It tightened neck up nicely.

PLEATS: Turned out pretty good

SIDE: --> 1)The hem I worked on
             <-- 2)the fold over it created



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