SUNDAY, JANUARY 16, 2011 

1st DYE job!!!


I almost didn't pull this one off lol

I found this at the thrift for a $1 and was new! 
My intentions with this sweater was to Dye it. 
 You can create ANY color with RIT has a color formula guide. 
I chose Purple #160 but didn't calculate correctly (enough dye) 
and ended up with a nice Blue Violet #548.
 I still like it! 
The other thing I needed to do was take in the sides and upper sleeves as it was all too wide.

RIT DYE Purple $1.29 +tx
RIT DYE Navy Blue $1.29 +tx

BEFORE: Cream sweater, a little plain and wide in the chest

WIDE sleeves, hoping to take in.

 DYE: Navy Blue & Purple. 
FYI for dark/bright colors double dye. 
Also use with a cup of salt & a tad of detergent for even coloring.

Boiling water for Dye bath.
 The plastic bin was what I was going to use, its not the best but all I had.

I set up right on my kitchen floor, with an old towel/shirt underneith so that I could transfer easily to sink when the time came. 
BEWARE it IS messy
HAVE gloves or like me use garbage bags if you have none.
 They worked ok but not when it came to rinsing lol. I had PURPLE hands!
 I stirred as much as possible for 20 min, tried picking up and turning over but it was stinkn HOT! Tongs work but none I wanted to sacrifice for the dye bath.

It looks greyish which is closer to the color I had actually wanted.
 Its more of a bluish purple. Not having a deeper container really affected the dye job.
 Its slightly blotchy in areas and I didn't have enough dye. 
If you look at the next pic you'll see the huge difference in color

At this point I was ready to take it in on the sides/sleeves as it was too loose and had wide arms. 
After trying and being unsuccessful, I decided to leave it be for the time being.
 Problem #2 lack of space in dye bath created this 2 tone sleeve :/ What to do now?

I decided to go short lol That would fix my mishap on the sleeve

I ironed hem on the outside to create a fold and then stitched. I left the edges raw which roll in by themselves.

 AFTER: I wore with my grey/white stripped shirt, tightend with a blk belt, dark jeans & silver jewelry.

SIDE- the sweater was pretty loose and long so a belt created a waist



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