DECEMBER 6, 2011

I can't believe I started these redo's a year ago
and on a whim.
I was really just tying to get a hold of who I was
or at least a better sense.
I know I'm not done growing or discovering
but I am extremely thankful I took the leap and explored something new.

Even though I didn't post a whole lot,
there were a few posts that got more attention than others.
So, I'll be sharing those.
To get to the actual post just click on the month.

If it happened to be a light month,
 I'll put up the one post I did share.

Here's to the best of 2010/11!

FYI my year runs from Dec to Nov

 I shared more than once in December but this beat out the others drastically

Boy was this redo a pain in the neck!

This got posted in May but was an actual April redo.

This was the only May redo.

This was favorite redo by far even though it wasn't clothing,
I repurposed most of the items so I count it as one.
It was part of my room makeover.

This was the only post in August but of all the redo's 
associated with it, this one still beats them all.

This month had a whopping 8 posts, most of them clothing.
 This was the 8th and most viewed.

I can't wait to see what next year's favorites will be!
Thanks for stopping by.


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