So, I'm like a month+  late on posting these pictures,
   I had lots going on. 
Now that my kids are in school, you'd think I'd have more time....
ahhh, but its now filled with other things :) 
So no more putting it off, here goes!

 I'll start with the before pics of my room, a few wall redo's & then the afters. 
I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.
 Its my favorite, with my living room NOW coming in 2nd. 
I just redid that this weekend!

AND all this..........for UNDER $70!!!

My bed was cornered by the avocado/window wall.
 I had a burgundy seat (2 more like it in LR) used more for laundry 
and my large cherry wood leaning mirror.
I also had an old calendar on the wall & short creme curtains.

Avocado wall: 
I loved the color before but totally tired of it now. 
My headboard is not attached which is great because I can move it wherever/whenever.
 I had a cool sarong a friend gave me years ago on the wall. It matched the bedspread :)

Mirrored dresser: 
This furniture set use to be my grama's.
I'm thankful to have it, it reminds me of her :) 
This side was purely functional not pretty in any way. 
We also had our night stands to the right of it, side by side holding our TV & accessories.
 I had an old lamp too.

Small wall:
One door leads to bathroom & the other to our closet.
 I had a dresser in between with some decor on it & hubby's toy.
 Above it was an open poster frame and a woven bag.

NOTHING, no lighting in any bedroom :( That's why we had the lamp.


These were the last things I bought for my room.
 Each were $1 at our church sale! I liked this lamp better and LOVED the frames. 
I had been eyeing them since our last year's sale. 
They didn't sell until everything eventually dropped to $1 and I snatched them up lol! Thanks C.C. for helping :) Lamp $1 no tax 2 frames $1 ea. no tax

My plan is to lift it somehow, so that it is higher up against the wall.
Prepping for new paint!
*Before you paint, remove everything including outlet covers and tape over them.
 Also, clean baseboards & surrounding walls of dust/webs or tape won't stick.

BEHR Peacock! 1gallon $22.97+tx
Side by side, beginning stages of paint. 
Not true to color,
 this almost looks greenish-blue
First coat of paint. 

Same prep for this side
I totally chose the wrong color! UGH, I didn't like it.
 I painted this wall 3 times, 2 coats each!!!! 
This is the 1st time, its like a darker baby CLASHED horribly with the peacock.
 The second time around I darkened it w/ peacock blue, that didn't help.
 So my last paint job, to fix the ugly, I used the extra house paint we had from years ago. Thank goodness we had some, it was BEHR "beach white"- its so cool, while wet you can see iridescent sparkles....when it dries, nothing lol. 
You'll see the white wall later.  I paid $11.97+tx for that mistake :/



AGAIN....I used all these items

and 2 of these
To do all the below

 I moved the dresser to the window wall, put up the "tray" frame 
and used some of my old decor:
 tea pot (holds change), brown ceramic tray
 & glass vase which holds the metallic rubber balls.

I painted frame w/ my own craft paints and printed up small pics of peacock hair pieces on photo paper I bought at Dollar tree! 
Frame 1.49 +tx Balls $.99+tx Photo paper $1.00+tx total (8 sheets)

I made room in my closet for the burgundy chair & put up the long bronze curtains.
 2 Curtains $6.98+tx total

OPPOSITE side of window,
 I put up the frame which use to be creme colored.

I painted the frame and the mat. 
The mat looks black but is really a deep purple. 
I used the photo paper as well and printed up this black/white peacock. 
Creme frame $1.24+tx

I used my original shade with the lamp.
 Lamp $1 no tax, 2 Frames $1 ea no tax

I, yes I , moved the headboard and bed.
Unfortunately it couldn't be centered because of the dresser to the left.
 I put a nightstand on each side with its matching frame. 
I wanted to buy a new bed set but none that I had to I washed the floral one I had, flipped it over and added the diamond pillow.
 I finally put up the paper wall piece I worked on and the silver ornaments/frames which were sold as Xmas decor.
 On the far left I added a clear vase with all the peacock feathers, 
both of which I already owned.
 Pillow $1.24+tx, 6 Styrofoam balls-used 1 for wall decor $.74+tx total, 2 Silver Frames/ornaments $.49+tx each

I added 1/2 styro ball with a hot glue, after I had painted it a bronzey color w/ craft paint.
 (FYI DON'T use spray paint on styro unless its OK!)
 I cut a few feathers and poked them into the Styrofoam.

Both mirrored frames were going to be painted but when I put them up against the wall I loved how the etched part stood out.
 There's nothing Xmas about them, they each have an instrument, vines and a bow.

Mirrored wall
Hubby helped me center the dresser and add the TV back onto the dresser top.
 I used the green/gold glass piece on the counter and put up the 2 feathered frames.

This little green/gold glass piece had to have a place! I used it for my dangle earrings. 
Green glass $.74+tx

Identical frames after painting and adding a split feather at different levels
            (top part of feather on background, bottom part on frame)
 2 Frames $1.24+tx each

I painted over blue with paint we had in garage "beach white".
 It's brighter than the original "white" color it had before all the blue changes.
 I leaned the large mirror I painted in bronze against the wall and hung the framed shawl. Shawl $2.25+tx RUST-OLEUM spray paint $5.89+tx used on mirror

I painted the poster frame a different blue originally but then decided to use the same peacock color on it.

We had this stored in the garage.
 I cleaned it up, spray painted it in bronze, 
had hubby convert it into a lamp and hang it up.

For a GRAND TOTAL of $69.02

Not bad, not bad at all :)



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