shortening long sleeves

I'm late again..... this time I was in Eureka with my hubby, NO KIDDOS!
 Not that we didn't miss them TONS but they were enjoying the vacation of a lifetime with my sis and friends at Disneyland.
This is their first time too, their first plane ride,
their first vacation without us.
I think that was a little hard to swallow.
We weren't able to do that with them for financial reasons
and responsibilities we have at the time.

CRAZY thing is hubby has never been to Disneyland!
Most of his family is in Los Angeles.
I found it hard to believe but he swears it's just never worked out.
I've been a few times.
The last time when I was's been a while.
That is definitely on the MUST do list
and with our kiddos! 

Knowing I would be preparing for 2 separate trips (kids & ours),
I chose an easier item this week.

 The collar shirt is new and a thrift store find but too big with really LONG arms lol

This collared shirt was too big but the real problem were the sleeves. 
I seriously don't know why they were so long, unless a monkey was going to wear it hahaha.
Joking aside, the sleeves literally went over my hands, covering them completely.
I'll be taking in the sides, maybe working on the back darts and SHORTENING the sleeves.

Original darts:
I took in the sides but it wasn't enough, so I had to work on new darts.

I folded over the original darts and am making new ones.

Both new seams/darts from the inside. 
Next I'll be sewing them down to L & R side so its not bulky.

 I also found this new jacket for $1.89!!
 So, I knew they were going to go together. I wore with a tank, jeans & flats.

 Unfortunately I didn't have enough time to deal with the sleeves,
 so I folded them temporarily.
YES...that's them folded,
and they're STILL too long.
 My hands disappear when they're not lol. I will get to those...eventually.

 I took in about 1/2 in on each side


Part 2     2/7/11
I removed both cuffs from the sleeves with my seam ripper.

The cuff opened(pocket)

I pinned the existing pleats. I didn't want to lose those when stitching it all back.
 Then I cut 1/2 in off of each sleeve.

I tucked the sleeve into the "pocket" and pinned together
then sewed each cuff back on.

AFTER- worked out nicely.



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