Sunday, February 27, 2011 

I'm on time today! :)

This week my kids had the whole week off ("Presidents week") as opposed to the 2 Monday's off, like most schools.
 I totally enjoyed it and wish it wasn't over so soon.
 Due to their time off, I put off working on my REDO until.....Saturday night! Not totally intentional, just happened that way.  
 Either way, I knew in advance that this REDO would have to be something easy so not to take away my time from them or IF at last minute, I'd have to work on it (latter occurred lol)
I got this at the thrift store, by appearance in great condition.
Aside from being a little big, it was lacking a basic functional quality: POCKETS!

adding pockets, adding pockets to jacket, thrifted redo, thrifted jacket

JACKET: Thrifted $ 2.00

It was a trick, faux-pockets :/

Where a pocket would naturally be!

I cut a slit on the inside along the seam of "pocket" flap. 
That is where I would eventually be pinning pockets.

POCKETS- This is my 1st ever pocket creation!
 I used an old black t shirt as material, the pockets from my blue coat as guides & the kids' WHITE crayon to draw lol 
I pinned the center of each "pocket" together so that the 2 layers wouldn't separate while cutting.

 I left the pins in the center from before and sewed all around except for the openings

I pinned each side of the new pockets to the jacket openings and sewed all around. What I couldn't get with the machine I did by hand. I then took in 1/4 in. on each side of jacket.

AFTER: I wore with REDO#11, pearl strands, jeans & boots

POCKET: My new pockets! Nice and deep & warm too.
I eventually sewed the pocket to the inside so that it would be fully attached.



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