I've had a great weekend!
We celebrated my baby girl's 5th birthday in a "SASSY SALON" theme party,
 with friends and their daughters on Saturday.
 Sunday afternoon enjoyed a birthday lunch with family in honor of my baby's birthday
(more presents) and then spent all day Monday, her actual birthday, 
doing fun stuff as a family!


This is THE dress I wore to my baby girl's party :)

It's also my second ILGWU item. 
(International Ladies Garment Workers Union)
REDO #3 is the other one.
 History lesson here:
WIKIPEDIA says it's ' of the first U.S. unions to have a primarily female membership, and a key player in the labor history of the 1920's and 1930's'

It's pretty cool owning a piece of clothing,
from a company with that kind of beginning. 

DRESS-$1.50 thrifted

The dress fit me fine except for the length.
The sleeves were too big for my taste and the crossover part was a mishap waiting
to happen in my opinion.

I hand stitched the two sides together to keep them from opening too far.

 I turned dress inside out and worked on taking in the arm width.

About 1 in was taken in and on the skirt part I took in 1 1/2 inches.

 On the hem I cut off 5 inches....turned out to be TOO much :/\
Due to my scissor happy cut, I couldn't fold over twice and stitch, just once.

With the excess I was going to make a sash for the waist. 
 I had originally believed it was belt-less and it needed a little something. 
Turns out after trying on the dress with the sash and pondering what I was going to do about the slightly shorter than expected hem, 
noticed the dark colored sash it had originally come with in my closet.
 1. HOW could I forget that it came with a sash (bad memory, really
2. I could use that to fix my situation!!!!

I sewed the original sash to the bottom hem and ended up creating a 2 tone hem.

 This is how I wore the newly fixed dress to the party, casual in my flats and new sash. 

For church on Sunday I dressed up a little more with my black boots, belt & necklace.

 The stitch secured the crossover neckline.


And after service used the new sash like this with REDO # 8


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