Sunday, March 13, 2011 at 9:38pm

BEFORE: Bubble dress as is, super cute but I'm in my 30's so wanted to "mature" it.
I planned to undo the "bubble" part to extend the length and remove the elastic off of sleeves.

Happy "SPRING FORWARD" Sunday!!!

I just wasn't "up" to REDOING anything this week lol BUT I did, sort of.  Back in December when our church was actively working on the SAVE OUR CHURCH campaign, lots of hard working volunteers would set up/tear down a "thrift store" in the sanctuary, WEEKLY. It was a long process, but one that allowed so many of us to fellowship, get closer and have some laughs not to mention raise some MONEY!!!.  During my shifts I would fold clothes and set aside what I liked for purchase haha.....I'm not the only one!  This is where I picked up this brand new Bubble Dress. Love the kind of tribal, festive print.

I originally started working on the dress in December but set it aside because it wasn't "Winter" wear. It was back when I didn't have my camera, so I didn't take as many pics as I would have, had I possessed it still.  I picked it up again this weekend to finish it off and have taken a few more "before" pics.

The "Bubble" was attached to white inner fabric which was going to be separated to extend length. I 1st worked on removing the elastic holding both fabrics together. Once separated  Ironed straight and tried on, I realized that just extending it was not the answer. I didn't like how the dress flared out. It made me look "full" in the mid section. I think it was due to the elastic around rib cage and the bunching fabrics. FYI these 1st 2 pics are the only ones I took back in Dec. The bulk of the REDO was done in Dec, this weekend I worked on the length again and sleeves. The next few pics are all from this weekend to show my previous work.

 My next & VERY scary move was to undo top portion of dress, remove the upper elastic & white fabric, take in a few inches from the side and reattach the 2 outer pieces. What was I getting myself into?! lol *This is after I've done all the above mentioned steps.

4 inches were taken in. NEW WORK: Loved the pattern but the dress was still looking too CUTESY. So... I cut it! It was going to be a top. So OFF with 4ish inches.

Sleeves- I bunched/pleated the upper part of the sleeves HORIZONTALLY, pinned and sewed.

 AFTER: Wearing with turquoise tank, orange wooden necklace, dk. wood bangle, jeans and dk. brown flats





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