Thursday, March 31, 2011 at 10:58pm

 Ehh, its THURSDAY lol I'm WAY late. What can I say? I got so busy, this is the 3rd attempt to post my latest Redo.
Here goes!

You all remember the rain, a few days back? Its hard to now that its been so warm. Well, I wasn't "feeling" like doing much, the rain has this awesome power to make you just want to RELAX, all the time haha. As a matter of fact I haven't even started my newest Redo, ok so its not the weather, its just me! Anyway, last week I worked on a polka dotted blouse with mid length sleeves.

BLOUSE $1.50

BEFORE: Nothing really "wrong", needs taking in on sides and some work on the sleeves. Also, have to mention that the lighting makes the top appear much richer in color than it really is. The last few pics are truer to color.

Close up: Tiny polka dots

I cut about 11 inches off and took in about 1in on both sides.

Inside view with sleeves sewed

Redos, blouse redo, thrifted blouse
AFTER: I was running late for church on Sunday, so I forgot to grab my grey beads but this is what it would have looked like. I wore my top with a teal tank, grey cardigan, jeans & grey flats.

W/O sweater: Was still a little loose in the middle but not too much. Also, wearing a tank was a requirement, it was a tad shorter than I liked.


Sleeve: The original sleeves had a button on each side. I flipped the button around to get a lighter shade & sewed back on.


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