SUNDAY, MARCH 6, 2011 

muumuu redo, muumuu to blouse read it right, I worked on a muumuu lol

A couple of weeks ago I was talking with a friend about the redo's and she jokingly said something about a muumuu. I told her I DID have one I going to work on...t
hat shocked her haha.

Generally when I look for Items to fix I steer clear of plus sizes BECAUSE I feel the women who would wear them need them more, than I need to downsize them. I feel like I'd be cheating someone else, does that make sense? If its a size bigger I'm cool with that. 
BUT the muumuu didn't count, WHY? Cause NO ONE should be wearing these lol


It was a roomy 2x, with a bright, beautiful print.

I decided early on that I was going to make a top with this as I'd been dealing with dresses recently. I cut about 15 1/2 inches off.

I then worked on the neckline.
 The pleats at the V neck made my chest appear much bigger and me WAY heavier. 
NO GOOD. So, I unstitched the pleats starting from the middle point out to almost the shoulder.

I then pulled material out toward shoulder and restitched.
LEFT after pleats removed and sewed 
RIGHT side w/ pleats still in.

There was extra material from the pleats by shoulders so I sewed those down on existing seam.

I tried on muumuu again and it still needed a little neck adjusting.
 I went back to the V and made a 2 inch seam to keep the V from "poking" out when worn.
 I then worked REPEATEDLY on the taking in the sides because I couldn't get them right.

I ultimately took in 6 in. from each side and then shortened sleeves 2 in.


 No pleats...No puffy chest and new center seam

2 FOR 1! I removed the tag so that I can wear "backwards" if I chose to. 
  I wore with a turquoise tank, black belt, jeans, matching flats, gold chains & bangles cause they matched nicely with the yellow.

 Pleats in the back work better here with no "puffy" effect.



Most recently wore it like this:
Of course I was pregnant.


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