Sunday, March 20, 2011 at 10:08pm

 This weekend I had a pretty easy Redo, just a color change and sleeve work. Didn't turn out as expected but still pretty happy with the outcome. I bought this cause it was so cheap.

RIT DYE  $2.48

BEFORE: Sweater needs some color & sleeve adjustments

RIT DYE Scarlet Red- I had a different shade of red in mind but Walmart was totally out of the dyes I wanted so I grabbed this one. Also, my sweater is 100% polyester not a recommended fabric for dying. Oh well, we'll see what comes out!

Dye bath, this time I had gloves! No red hands here lol. I added 1 cup of salt to boiling water as recommended & a tad of powder detergent. It was not suggested on this bottle but I'd seen it on the powder dye box. I'm not sure if it will affect the outcome of this dye. It literally looked like blood.

AFTER: The shade was MUCH lighter, kind of peachy. The button took the dye better than the sweater! That's the same button as before except DYED. Since it was a wet weekend, I dressed casually w/ my grey stripped shirt, cuffed jeans, grey flats & silver jewelry.


I temporarily folded over sleeves and quickly sewed down in a few areas & wore that way to church. Unfortunately the sleeves were kind of bulky & heavy, so when I came home I finished them properly. I cut about an inch off, rolled up a bit and sewed by hand.

I liked that the bottom band was a bit more narrow which created a nice waist & slouch


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