SUNDAY, JULY 24, 2011

peacock starburst wreath, peacock wreath

 It was by far the most time consuming but totally worth it. 
I like to call it a redo because I reused & repurposed EVERYTHING!!!!!

I stumbled onto this craft on the Michael's website while searching for plate hangers(different project/room).
 Its a starburst Paper Wreath
I realized I hadn't even given my focal wall any real thought, as to what was going to be displayed there. And then this appears! Thank you Lord!

I fell in love with the idea but NOT the having to buy special papers for it part.....

so my mind started workin'!
What could I use that I already had OR could get for free?
LIGHTBULB! Newspapers!
I went through our recycling bin but didn't have enough.  
On my next trip to the church,
 I opened up the FREE newspaper "stand" which sits outside the building
 and took all the old papers that had fallen through the shelf, onto the bottom. 
So newspapers it was but with a twist!
 The only thing I DID buy was the Styrofoam ball I would need BUT not at full price haha, you should know me by now, I found them at the thrift store! PATIENCE PAYS :)


These other items I purchased on the same thrift trip which I will be using in my room. 
Long Curtains for $6.98 +tx for the set & a lamp for $1.24 +tx which I have since replaced.

Since I had different papers, some being repeats, 
I was able to cut in half and have 2 different sizes.

As per the website, you roll the paper and tape. THIS TOOK A WHILE

I didn't want the words/articles to stand out or even the light colored paper. 
So I decided to age the paper by staining it with my VIA coffee 
(FYI outdated but still drinkable or in this case for staining) 
& some INCA gold paint to give it a little iridescence.
 I did most of the cone but left about an inch from the tip unstained because its not going to show.
 After painting the stain on I had to bake it dry in the oven for 5ish minutes.
 THIS TOOK A WHILE TOOOOO lol I was literally cooking up batches of cones.

I then cut open a box using a pizza pan as the guide,
 then my comal (tortilla grill) for the 1st marked circle, a push up thingy for the 2nd
 & an oatmeal can for the last circle. 
I ended up only using 2 of the circle guides.

After I sorted the cones by size, I sorted by darkness of the stain and by blues
 I had purposely rolled for the starburst. 
I also stapled each tip 1in. in as instructed on site, I think as a guide while gluing down. 
I did my best to have a pattern while gluing.

My "wound"
The hot gun was literally steaming.
 I accidentally laid my finger down on a glued spot and instantly felt pain!
 OWWW! When I yanked my hand up, the skin was missing :/

Almost done just needed the styrofoam ball and some decorations. 
Those I'll show on final day :)

I used 2 of the VIA "envelopes", cut the orange parts off and put the brown part inside of the other. 
This was going to be where the nail would hang from.

Of course I glued it on upside down, I quickly removed it and repositioned it.






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