THURSDAY, JULY 21, 2011 

framing a shawl,
I have to share that my room has been DONE for over a week.
I LOOOOOVE it, it's my favorite room!
So much that I don't want to come out lol

 I've been a little slow on posting the rest of the redo's which unfortunately is holding me back from showing you the before/after shots of the room. Soon, very soon.

I couldn't believe my eyes when I stopped by a local Goodwill's bedding & curtain section.
 PEACOCKS! Its hard to see on the darker colors but the peacocks are little more visible on the white.

 I can't remember what color they originally were when I bought them from Michael's years ago.
 Most recently they were the same avocado like color as my main bedroom wall.

This is 1 of 2 poster frames I already owned.
I was using one in the room with the textured bag hanging in the middle.

I painted over the green.

I used a combo of blues/black craft paint to get this color,
once it was dry framed the shawl I bought.

I had to staple the shawl to the cardboard backing as close to the edge as possible so the frame would cover the staple.
 The frames use to have plastic covers instead of glass but I tossed them years ago,
they looked really cheap.

I ended up not liking the darker blue I originally mixed up
and decided to repaint it in the Peacock color I used on the wall.

That's it!



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