diy hanging lamp, chandelier conversion, chandelier update

I'm happy to say that I didn't have to buy this!

 About 3 years ago, our super sweet "grama" neighbor(as the kids call her, she's in her 80's) gave us a huge chandelier for our dining room. It was awesome and much MUCH prettier than the one that came with the house. 
We put the new one up and put the old one in the garage. 
It sat there for a while with hopes of reusing it someday.
The hubby and I will be working on that one!
 He's got a job to do I know nothing about :)

I bought 1 can of RUST-OLEUM Metallic spray can in  ANTIQUE BRASS $5.89 +tx at Home Depot, which I'll be using for both items. I may have found it cheaper at Walmart but was there already for gardening supplies.

 CHANDELIER BEFORE- It had been stored in the garage all this time so it was pretty dirty. I cleaned it and had the hubby help take off the chain. The chandelier was a combo of light/dark brass, wood and white plastic.

I made sure to cover the areas where the light bulbs went with some newspaper and then sprayed it!

Once dry Hubby helped me take it apart to convert it to a lamp. Since we don't have overhead lighting/connection yet, this chandelier will be one that is connected through an outlet.

The things my hubby will do for me :) 
I'm blessed he knows how to do lots of things. 
I have to give him TONS OF CREDIT, he is AWESOME with everything.
 Even IF he doesn't know how to do something, he gives it his best shot and most of the time is successful.

Sometime in the future we're hoping to put actual overhead lighting/fans in each room.
 To transform it from one to the other he cut the wires, took out the ground (black)wire, and then cut off the end of an extra extension cord. 
He then joined the correct wires together, wrapped them with electrical tape and then put it all back together...with a slight twist. 

What's the twist?

We flipped the "stem" of the lamp!
Wider part is upward.



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