Monday, September 26, 2011 at 8:23pm

These are the 2nd & 3rd items I worked on this week, a skirt that was included in donation of clothes to my family and a shirt I bought at Dollar Tree. The idea came from THE SISTER'S FOUR

2. SKIRT- donated
3. SHIRT- $1 +tx Dollar Tree

BEFORE: Skirt too big and not flattering to my hip/saddle bags :/ thanks mom lol Pencil skirts are a lot more flattering on me.


Inside out, I matched side seams and pinned down.

I then stitched from the elastic waist on the center back area, straight down to remove some of the excess flare.

I then cut.

Since that wasn't enough, I then unstitched the sides, exposing pocket, cutting more than half of it and planning to remove more fabric before sewing up.

I pinned each side,from the outside, overlapping back fabric towards front pocket, making sure the pocket although smaller now, was positioned correctly.

I then sewed the sides up and then flipped inside out to sew up the now 2" deep pockets. I had to cut them due to their original positioning and my desire to cut excess fabric off around them.
skirt "AFTER" 
revealed at the end

BEFORE: I bought this irregular shirt from Dollar Tree. It was wide and angled weird at the bottom.

COLLAR: I cut off the v-neck. I wish I would have only cut the front cause it opened it more than I would have liked.

I turned inside out and pinned where I'd sew and cut

Removing the extra sides fixed the flare/angle at the bottom.

I took my daughter's outgrown, slightly faded shirt and cut into 2 strips, removing the elastic too.
 I then went through my stash of old shirts aka cleaning rags haha and found something that matched my daughter's shirt.

L. OPTION 1- I played around with the strips after cutting 1 flowered in half and using 1 piece, keeping the other partly attached and using 1 whole turquoise strip cut in half
    R. OPTION 2
            C. OPTION 3

I also cut a 5" strip from the turquoise shirt and pinned to the bottom of the purple shirt. I ended up cutting it down to 2.5" and leaving it raw.

I then sewed strips in place and bottom strip sewing right over the 2 original seams, all in a light grey color. It was a nice break up in color and not too noticeable.

AFTER: I Wore my NEW top with my NEW skirt, black suede boots & simple pewter jewelry.

 CLOSE UP: Right to left side.


SKIRT- It angled from the back, slightly shorter to the front.

TOTAL REDO'S Due: 12, make up for the time lost during the year, totaling in 18 redo's to complete before my 1yr Anniversary on Blogger (actual 2 years of redo's)


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