Monday, September 26, 2011 at 8:23pm

This weekend I worked on an OLD pair of comfy jeans I thrifted years ago, which needed NO SEWING!!!
 I babysat 2 new cuties :)  Friday, helped at our church's community event, Friday evening marked our new student/child's (M. S.) 1st week with us on Saturday, which has included lots of girl talk, of course, got lots of stuff done with hubby while kids partied w/ Tia Bon (my sis, their auntie) ANNNND attended, participated and received from our weekly, AWESOME, church service...followed by a much needed nap & Fireproof w/ the fam. Long but enjoyable weekend!

Here's how the clothing part of it went :)

1. JEANS- previously thrifted

Opposite pocket and knee already shredded....pocket lining covered my thigh but my knee was totally exposed :o lol not a big deal but everytime I bend down my knee gets stuck in hole and it continues to grow.

 PATCHES: I had 2 different shades of jean, previously purchased at Walmart. I chose the lighter.
I had just enough of the light patch for all 3 areas and cut to size. I laid them out so I'd remember which ones went where. MEMORY ISSUES!!! LOL

 First you preheat the area to be patched, 30 seconds on the NO STEAM setting.

Then you lay the shiny side down/jean part up and hold iron down over patch 30 seconds. Repeat on each hole. That's it! SO EASY *TIP* Great to do for new jeans too, so that "fashionable" shredding don't turn into BIG holes.

Inside of pocket: what the jeans looked like.



CLOSE UP: Still has shredded look but no holes.

KNEE: I can bend it with no more stretching or knee showing. Wash as usual.


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