Tuesday, September 20, 2011 at 12:37am

This weekend I also worked on khaki pants I bought years ago at the thrift store and because I have varied in weight over the years, I had left them as is....just in case. But I decided to take them in, if I "grow" I can always take them out. The last redo was pretty fun and super easy. I used one of my son's old collared shirts for a necklace, idea found HERE from THE SISTERS FOUR.

2. Khaki's - already owned
3.Boy's shirt- Son unknowingly donated haha

BEFORE: Comfy Khaki's that were too big in the waist/bum area. 

Button was very loose.
I turned the pants inside out and sewed from the waist down to about the hip area and tapering off at the end so that the flipped side would not look weird.

Sewn from waist past pocket. Also fixed button.

#3 Necklace
BEFORE: This was my son's shirt but it was getting a bit small and too worn out to pass on. Love that my friends and I swap/pass on our kids' clothes. So, I got the idea from a new fav blog, to reuse in making a necklace! 

I cut right under sleeve not knowing how much I'd need. And I cut into strips from seam to seam, using the stripes as guides.

I ended up only using some of the blue and all of the stripes. You'll see that I set aside 1 blue strip and the bottom "hem" piece for later. Since this shirt had a split hem at the bottom for hip fit, it was actually 2 pieces when I cut it. I slightly stretched out the strips above the bottom pieces for the necklace.

As per blog, I gathered the "seams" and used 1 of the "hem" strips to tie a knot and then did the same for the other side.

Both "seams" are tied with the "hems" of the shirt.

Then I cut the reserved strip in half, cutting off the seam areas and using 1/2 strip to fisnish off the look. I wrapped in opposite directions, over the combined seams and knot,trying to cover it all neatly. I then did the other side.

AFTER: Finished ! I like that I can tie around my neck at various lengths depending on the

OUTFIT- I wore this to church on Sunday. I paired it with a clearance top I purchased recently at Old Navy with my Navy bucks(gave me 1/2 off discount), only $1.50+tx! I also wore the fixed khaki's, my wedges, wood bangle, copper hoops & lg green ring my aunt gave me. LOVE big rings!!!

Close up-

TOTAL makeup REDO's left:14


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