Monday, September 12, 2011 at 10:10pm

This is the 2nd item I worked on this weekend, the 3rd will follow in the next post.

2)MENS SHIRT- FREE donated by hubby

BEFORE_ Hubby's shirt sm., in great condition, he'd already put in donation pile. I grabbed it and went at it.

I decided to use a guide on this one. I cut leaving 1/2 inch extra for sewing but really should leave 1in. I cut the sides and into the armpit & sleeve. I also cut off sleeve edge and bottom of shirt, left those raw.
 I then sewed the sides, pits and sleeves. I also folded shirt in half and cut collar off, left raw.

AFTER- I wore with cuffed jeans, Birk. style sandals & my whistle necklace.

COLLAR- I love the whistle! Hubby traded some stuff for some more stuff(junk) a while back lol I found a few goodies for me! It works too!

Side...I tried to match up stripes sort of haha


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