Monday, September 12, 2011 at 10:10pm

My 3rd Redo this week, a short dress with a beautiful print.

3)SHORT DRESS- $1.25 thrift outlet

 BEFORE- Nothing really wrong, just too short for modesty & too long as top. Waist a little more snug than I like.

It had a nice sheer slip sewed in but I won't be needing it. I'll save for future use.

I went in 4 inches on each side, both front and back, stitching vertical lines over the horizontal elastic ribbing.

I then turned inside out and began removing the elastic between the new right & left stitches. The stitches allow me to control how much elastic I want to remove without it receding and loosening up the waist more than I want. Its something I tried months ago, winging it and it actually worked. Remember, I have NO prior experience, I'm learning as I go. Any talent, creativity, etc is totally credited to God,  enthusiasm and excitement...all mine!

I pinned off at the 5in mark around the whole dress, as a guide for cutting.

I then matched the seams and cut a little extra from the front so that it will have a tad longer back.
I knew from the time I saw this dress that I would have to cut the length but REALLY didn't want to lose the bottom pattern, which I loved. So, I unstitched both seams leaving me with 2 pieces.

I then stitched 3 sides(1 length 2 widths) on both since each still had a stitched hem.

I then flipped dress out the right way and pin the extra pieces "inside out" to each sleeve so that when sewed and flipped over it would be the correct side. I purposely left each piece its original length cause I'd seen & loved the flowy sleeves.

AFTER- I wore with a teal tank, skinnies, white wooden sandals, big ring & another necklace find!

CLOSE UP- My other "new" necklace.

SLEEVE- down position
SLEEVE- out position I forgot to do a side pose showing longer back :(

2 down 16 more to go....


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