Monday, September 12, 2011 at 6:40pm

Its not much but two furniture pieces were sanded and painted which made a HUGE difference!

I basically rearranged my furniture, put up some inexpesive decor I purchases at our church sale, clearance shelves and thrift store months ago. It had all been stored away until I could actually get enough items to make the change. I bought a 5x7 black rug online at walmart for $21 and the paint and items needed for the project. Thanks to my hubby he did most of that project, I helped with painting.

Since I didn't do any before pics of my living room.....I was so "gung ho" after steam cleaning my living room carpet (8/19/11), that it spurred the change literally that Friday evening and I started moving around furniture, putting up decor and collectively deciding w/ the hubby, that Saturday am would be the day we would paint.....I'll only be posting the before/after pics of the furniture worked on. Of course, I'm late in posting as always lol we made these changes almost a month ago!

ALSO....I gotta mention my sis gave me both items, things she picked up along the way!
TOTAL COST around $90

 The most expesive thing was the paint followed by the rug. I'm thrilled over outcome and decent cost.

 BEFORE- "coffee table"

 Sanded and applying 1st coat of "BELUGA" Black paint lol love the name.

 After a few coats. We chose an eggshell finish which is 1 level above flat. We didn't really want any shiny finishes although they are recommended. *New rug under* I added touches of red in the Living room(not pictured) to go with the super comfy, but totally over burgundy colored seats. I can't believe it use to be my favorite color.

BEFORE- dresser, I forgot to do a before pic of the front so this is one from my daughter's 5th bday party. You can see on the middle right drawer a scratched "ring" where the old handle had lost a screw and unfortunately we would scratch the drawer trying to open it

Totally damaged from previous spills, rings, scratches and our polish remover.

AFTER- Hubby took all hardware off and sanded off clear varnish then used same black paint. Then added everything back. Its used as a tv stand, homework drawer, games/coloring items, table clothes ect. Nicely hides our stuff.


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