Sunday, May 22, 2011 at 8:37pm
 Well.....its been over a month since I've posted anything.
My last REDO was scheduled for Sunday April 3rd but my sis had a serious health scare that day and all things not related, were secondary.   
God miraculously intervened and my sis continues in her recovery phase. Things have slowly gone back to "normal" and feel the freedom and excitement to start back up. This is the dress I worked on that weekend back in April, which I wore that Sunday and eventually to the hospital.
Although it now has emotional ties, I thought it necessary for me to post it in order to symbolically move on from the events of that 1st and successive days in the hospital.
*My actual REDO for this weekend will be posted after*
BEFORE: I loved this dress! If it wasn't sheer I would have kept it a dress. But I just couldn't see myself wearing a sheer dress with my black dress slip totally visible. lol As is, the dress was too long, 3/4 sleeves on my short arms looked like "high water" sleeves and the current elastic waist was unflattering. 

The dress had 3 panels of varying polka dots.

I started unstitching the seam on the back of the dress then cutting across the top panel to make a blouse. This part was the easiest, all I had to do was follow the lines. Since this material doesn't shred I left hem raw.

I then worked on the waist. I turned it inside out and unstitched about 4-5 in from the middle section. I cut the elastic, but made sure to hold on to it, so not to lose it. I let it slide back 2 in from each side and pinned down where I was going to sew.

I sewed the elastic vertically where I had pinned them down. I'd still have the stretch and gathering of material around the waist but not the appearance of "bulge" in the middle haha. After that, I sewed the middle section up to cover all the elastic.

Redos, dress redo, thrifted dress
AFTER: These photos were taken recently as I could not the day of. So yes, I had to put this on just for the pic lol I loved how it came out. I left the sleeves alone and just rolled them up. I wore with a black belt, jeans, black boots and a red necklace my hubby got me last year.



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