It's day four of fall
and suddenly making its official entrance!

Last night was breezy,
so we enjoyed some coffee and pumpkin bread.
I wasn't sure whether to believe the rain prediction
my daughter's teacher had given her but
there was thundering in the wee hours
a really good down pour!

This year I made sure to welcome fall properly.
I seem to be a tad off most seasons
but this time I was early!
Ok by one day ;)

When I received my fall Better Homes and Garden issue,
was drawn to the simplicity of their cover
and surprisingly pleased with the color combination.

I don't think I would have considered pairing the colors on my own.
Since I had items to create my own version of it,
gave it a try.

When the kids returned from school that afternoon,
they were thrilled with the changes,
(I play a game with them when I switch things up, having them guess the changes)
it includes them a bit again like here and totally welcomes the season we love.

BHG fall mantel, Fall 2014, Fall mantel, Fall decor, orange and blue decor

So we say "YES" fall,
YES to the color changes,
cooler weather,
warmer clothes,
rain sprinkled days,
pumpkin, cinnamon, apple scented candles
and pumpkin spiced lattes!
Oh ya.

Here's a look at the Better Homes and Gardens cover
 and my personal interpretation of it.

I'll list all the items below
Lamps are "newer" items: Thrifted, painted + new shades(Ross)
Canvas painting: Old,thrifted and turned around
Glass panel: Old, thrifted

I took Dollar Tree bushes and made individual stems like here
Mini cake stand: old/salvage sale
This glass container is part of a kitchen set we received as a wedding gift,
16+ years ago.
They weren't being used due to weakened seals and were taking up space in my cupboard.

Sometimes I JUST can't let go of items.
I am sentimental but not pack-rat sentimental.
I've got my limits hahaha.

I love that they get a second life!

Frames: Dollar Tree
Free name printables: here
Little guy: Baby M 2 weeks old

A newer gift from our Pastor and church.
The A Family
EST. AUGUST 15, 1998
Our lives are tied together with the
heart of happy memories, the joy of special
moments and love that will last forever.

"Afterward, you may go and celebrate because of all the good things the Lord your God has given to you and your household."- Deuteronomy 26:11

I can't even begin to explain the season we are in right now.
Fullness of heart,
Joy unspeakable, peace and LOVE.
These words and scripture have never been so true.

Tall grasses/feathers: Old, thrifted
Candle: gift
Branch: Old, Eureka find
Jar: Old, salvage sale
Grass bush: Dollar tree, converted into individual stems
Fall bunch: Old, salvage sale

Have you made any fall changes?

Don't ask about my front porch though,
I have nothing going for it.
Well, except for my mom's day wreath hahaha

Don't judge, 
one thing at a time.



  1. Lovely! The contrast between the golds/oranges and the blue is striking. Nice modern twist on a fall color scheme!

  2. Thanks Lindsey, I am loving all the fall colors I'm seeing! Had to join in myself :)


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