FRIDAY, MAY 16, 2014

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Have I mentioned how much fun I'm having
decorating this spot?

How it doesn't have to be new, expensive,
or even for its intended purpose to personalize your home?

*Oh and for what it's worth,
it doesn't have to look like anyone else's home
or get approval by others.
If you like it, you like it.

This is only my second time
and I'm loving the variety I'm able to create 
by swapping out my thrift finds.

This is also the second and main area I put focus on my little loves.

I have to say this one came about slightly be default.
See I had found those awesome FREE letters online, at the On To Baby site;
because I had been searching for inexpensive ways to bring more personalization 
into our home.
I even created some decent wall "art" by just using PicMonkey,
printing at *my Sam's Club (more on that later), framing and putting up.

*(Like I own the place. I'm there weekly, WITHOUT FAIL,
and they know me by name at the photo center.
That's how much I frequent the place lol)

I've mentioned 2 of my kid's names once
but for their continued privacy, I've blocked them.

So, that was the plan for these customized prints.
I purchased Dollar Tree frames, framed them
and then set aside.
Since I was prepping for Mother's Day,
wasn't going to be able to get to them.

Here's where they come into play.

Since I couldn't display them on the wall as I'd liked,

 the mantel was the next best thing.

Everything else just came together.

Runner- Thrifted sheet I cut
Chalkboard sign- DIY here
Glass bottle, carafe, 2 small bottles, canvas, gold charger & glass panel- Thrifted
Frames, pink flowers, stacked goblets, mossy stones & moss- Dollar Tree
Fresh flowers & vase- Walmart
Glass bowl- Repurposed from floor lamp
Prints- site & Sam's Club(0.38 +tx each)
Basket-from old flower arrangement
White candle holders(next image)- Salvage sale

You can choose your letter, name and colors for each.

My eldest 2 were totally excited to be the center of attention again!

I previously edited these in a semi dark space,
late at night, with screen light dimmed(mistakenly)
because sometimes that's the only time I can. 
It produced over lighted/rich colored photos,
but since I'm too tired to do anything about it,
 They'll stay this way.


May 11, 2014

Mother's Day!

We went to church for an awesome mom's day service
and every mom got blessed with these gifts:
This magazine
Flowers For Mother poem-Injete Chesoni
"Prescription" scripture-Prescription bottles filled with scripture
Proverbs 3:5-6 bookmark
Starbucks iced coffee
Yummy cupcake
Skittles candy
Coffee Almonds!
Who knew?

Then came home for a BBQ lunch, presents & photos.

Grama R and her newest grand baby M. 

She's been waiting for YEARS to get her baby fix.

Grama R (my mom) & the kids

My sis has been waiting a long time too.

Grama R getting them to smile

3 generations
Wish my grama B, their great-grama, could have been here.
My eldest was only 2&1/2 when she passed.
She was an awesome, funny, giving, hard-working, independent, God-fearing little lady.
Knowing her,
 she'd probably be at her church having a potluck & blessing the ladies.

She'd scold me lightheartedly over my son's hair, saying boys didn't wear long hair
and that I needed to cut it. 
But I love me some luscious, flowey, tamed locks.
I'd say, "Grama I like it, 
besides JESUS had long hair."
She'd respond with a, "hmph", half smile and walk away.

So, will baby M carry on the long haired tradition?

NB- shirt&skirt:Walmart
My Dress: Ross clearance, shoes & belt: Thrifted.
Baby M- Shirt & shorts: Thrifted
ML- Shirt & shorts: Thrifted, Shoes:gift
I am one blessed mamma.


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