SATURDAY, MAY 10, 2014

Hey, in some Latin/Hispanic cultures/countries,
TODAY is Mother's Day!

SO....Happy Mother's day if it applies 

Mother's Day wreath, Dollar tree wreath, birdsnest wreath

Do you remember this?

 I just worked off of what I already had
and made it a Momma's Day wreath.
All I did was purchase the bird.

Well, FIRST I asked,
 "Lord, how can I honor my babies, make them feel special?"
I know it's mom's day but I'm a mom because of them.
I wanted to incorporate that in the wreath I already had,
 the decor,
and surprise them!

And he gave me this, a momma bird with her babies :)

If you're starting from scratch, the list of items are below
plus all the new stuff.

Grapevine wreath-already had
Raffia-Dollar Tree, previous project
Moss-Found on branches, available @ Dollar Tree
Mini eggs or seeds of some sort- Mine are loquat seeds
Lunch bag or decorative paper
Craft paint(optional)
Paint brush (optional)
Glue gun & glue
Bird-Dollar Tree

1.Cut the top part of bag.*
2. Fold in half horizontally, making a narrower piece.
3. Start at one corner, fold over and meet the opposite side;
making little triangles.
Repeat, working your way to the end.

*If using other paper, cut a 5x11 piece and proceed with steps

Unfold paper and begin to cut.

 Use your marker, puffy paint, glitter glue,
mini jewels, what ever, to write your message.
I chose "Mom to Three" and alternated the angles.

You know, I always struggle with that.
What's the proper way to address/include our 1st baby,
or answer the question of how many babies we have.

For less confusion, I typically say "3".
Never denying our first of course,
 just haven't figured out the most tactful way.

Then I wonder, did I just ignore his/her whole existence?
They exist for sure.
Just not here.
They're with Jesus.

1. Tie one piece of raffia to a "corner" of the wreath and then across to the opposite side.
If it's long enough, zig zag it down.
I had to use 2 different strands.
2. Fold the tops of your triangles 
and use tape or hot glue to attach each one on the appropriate level.

Now for the "eggs"
I didn't want to spend more money,
so I asked the Lord to give me an idea on how to create my own.
And seeds is what I came up with.
BUT you could use little glass stones or even smooth rocks.

 1. Pick your colors and paint.
2. Hot glue to nests
3. Attach bird-comes with clip

That's it!

I found varying sizes and meant to attach them smallest to largest.
Did the opposite, oops.

mom's day wreath, diy mom's wreath

If you're a momma-in ANY sense of the word
I pray you are blessed, honored and made to feel special!

From one mom to another,
big HUGS!!!!


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