SUNDAY, MAY 4, 2014

I'm back to share 
an EASY way to cover an unused kitchen outlet,
or just display some fun art,
another monthly celebration!
(at the end)
Easy outlet cover, DIY outlet cover, outlet cover
Remember this from here?

This here, is my baby girl's artwork.
It's something she made while at kid's church
and based on the lesson for that week.

It's a good one, right?

It was meant for big sis M.S. (who actually had hair like that, red, not 2 strands lol)
but kept it instead.
She's here enough so she sees it regularly.
Although it says, "mrs. m" she's not married.
My daughter mistakenly wrote that instead of "Miss".
We had our kiddos refer to the students we housed
as "Miss" or "Mr." so and so, out of respect.
Well, even though M.S. became a sibling to them,
its been a hard habit to break.

Anyway, it just sat in the corner.
What got more attention was the ugly, unused outlet
and the exposed formula can, which eventually got covered.

You see the sliver of tile that's missing?
Ya, I don't know where it is.

So then it hit me,
I can display the encouraging words and canvas
RIGHT OVER the outlet!


Canvas, artwork or light framed piece 
Fun-Tak putty or other mounting putty- 
I believe I got it at Dollar Tree a while back

I initially just put putty on the corners 
but it would eventually start to slide down the tile.
I then added putty in the middle and that did the trick.

I love that it's repositionable, easy to mount/remove
and gives me easy access to the outlet when I need it.

No holes, no mess.

That's it!

I displayed my daughter's artwork,
it actually had some of my kitchen colors
but you could easily customize your own.

Maybe a painted chevron or ikat pattern,
a cool/inspirational saying
or just some nice fabric displayed.

Tons of possibilities!




After service came home for lunch,
pictures and dessert.

Mom made the cake since the last store bought one was
not so good.

And just for fun,
a gif of the family trying to get a good shot.


See you soon friends!


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