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If you have a wreath, it should only cost you $2-$3
I believe this is our first Easter wreath.

It's so basic but love that it was a total no-fuss project.

Exactly what I need.

I was so eager to get Spring/ Easter decor going,
that I hurriedly put this together without
taking any before/during pics.

You probably don't them, being as you're all smart people
(initially typed small lol)
and could figure this out on your own.
BUT maybe, just maybe, you're like me
and like a good visual.

So I've found similar items online,
taken a few shots recently 
and will show you just how stinkin' easy this was.
In case, you're like me.

I already had the grapevine wreath and moss
(picked from branches)
and purchased the egg picks and raffia from Dollar Tree.

Grapevine wreath, any size
Easter picks
Colored Raffia
Glue gun
String, ribbon or twine


I started off with a bare wreath

Used 4 of the 5 picks, arranged how I liked,
stuck straight up into wreath and hot glued.

Then I used peach raffia (this is natural) to make the nests.

raffia birds nest, raffia rosette, raffia crafts
1. Grab a few strands and tie a knot at one end.
2. Hold the end between your index/middle fingers and thumb
and begin to wrap around into a nest.
Use a good amount of glue where you'd like the nest to go
and apply firmly.
Repeat 2 more times.

Last I glued a little bit of moss
right in the center of the nests.

You can hang it up with ribbon,
twine or other string.

That's it!

Wasn't that easy?


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