I hope your Easter was a fun one!

Luke  24:6, Easter 2014, Egg field, Easter egg hunt

We spent ours with family and church family,
attended a special service outside,
took communion as a whole,
had a potluck lunch,
egg hunt
 photographed my babies!

Easter pics and my "new" Spring console/mantel below

This was their 1st and last egg hunt together,
at least for a while.
She's just entering this age group,
he's aging out :(

They keep growing.

M.L. was too cool for a basket hahaha

But convinced him to pour his eggs into one,
JUST for photo purposes

Kiddos looking for the prize egg,
neither one of them had it.

Dress, white bike shorts & button-down shirt: Target
Sandals: Payless
Baby outfit: Sam's Club
Green shorts: Walmart
Shoes: Ross
Thanks mom & sis :)
My gorgeous babies!
Baby M cracked a little smile.

Bench made from an old headboard,
last summer
Hubby made that bench!
The church borrowed it for the Easter photo booth.

All our kids

I had to include this one :)

It was late afternoon, after all the Easter activities
and I realized everyone was lounging in their white t's.

I couldn't resist,
 I had them get together for a pic.
It seriously wasn't planned and they totally complied without groans,
well except Baby M
HE wasn't havin' it!


spring decor

Spring decor, spring mantel, he has risen
Notice anything different?

Tell me when you notice it.
The answer is at the end.

I was telling both my mom and sis recently
that although I love a shower as much as the next guy/gal,
I'd rather have a clean/orderly home any day.
Many times throughout the months, 
that's been the case haha.
It's easier to do this or that in small increments,
than actually scheduling that shower most days.
And believe me I WANT that shower.

So, when I get to have those 2 things 
 a nicely decorated home, I've hit the jackpot!

Lime runner, glass bottle, canvas, melamine platter, wreath & carafe: thrifted
Willow, roses, raffia, moss "stones", goblet & moss: Dollar Tree
Chalkboard sign: DIY on cardboard
Green vase & white basket(holds our remotes): part of old arrangements
White candle holders & candles: Salvage sale
Greenery: Citrus tree

I flipped the canvas to hide painting and use the neutral back.
Also hides cords a bit.

Flowers: backyard
Vase: Walmart
Bowl: Repurposed glass from a floor lamp

Did you figure it out?

We FINALLY put our tv up!
(mirror got taken down as well)
So now, I can fully decorate :)

I'm hoping to finally paint this wall during the summer
and move a few things around.

Now I just gotta figure out how to hide those pesky cords,
hoping to find a better solution than a canvas haha

All the advertisements about "no cords"
fail to mention you'll STILL have them 
for your dvd player, blue-ray or vcr's.


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